There are many times that I post something and someone will message me with an inspirational experience that either happened because they were affected by a particular post or as a direct result of doing the technique that was shared.

I wish people would share their inspirations with everyone. Many people need to realize that the way they think and feel is not so different from the way others think and feel. If everyone shared their personal experiences, it would help destroy the illusion that society holds up as a façade.

Here is evidence:

Why is it acceptable to share pictures of one’s self half-drunk and naked but it is too embarrassing to post a sincere thought?

Why is it acceptable to curse and use vulgar language but if someone expresses a sincere sentiment of love, it is ridiculed?

Why is it okay to watch the most horrific shows on stalking and rape but someone would be embarrassed at admitting they watch Too Cute on the animal planet?

Why are the people who are polished, adorned with glitz and glamor worshiped while average, normal, aware, and intelligent people ashamed of their physical persona?

Why are people who we can see are clearly corrupt and clearly working for a cause other than the well-being of their constituents, still given so much of our attention and respect?

Why are people who speak outside the comfort of convention made to feel fearful of expressing their truth?

The more people speak their truth and share from the heart, the more others will follow suit and be encouraged to do the same. In sharing your truth, you become the silent un-silent hero.

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