I facilitated a session this morning with a dynamic healer. Our sessions always are a means to bring much healing and awareness to the world. Because we both understand that the reason we are able to heal is because we care about uplifting all those that we possibly can. It is not about ourselves at all.

In fact, anyone who takes attention off of their individual person (microcosm) and focuses their energy out onto those that they assist, or all of humanity (the macrocosm) is demonstrating healing capabilities. It doesn’t matter if they uplift others with their teaching, healing, leading or creative skills. Expansion of consciousness happens when one expands beyond the microcosm to care about the macrocosm.

This is where the false concept of humility comes from. It is not about thinking you are unworthy. It is knowing how capable you are to affect all of humanity. But realizing it is an innate quality in everyone that merely takes understanding of their true nature. The old fashioned concept of humility is getting old. It is tiresome and ineffective in assisting humanity to an upgrade in evolution. The real definition of humility is using your empowerment to benefit all life with not so much focus on your individual self.

My sessions with dynamic healers are always so beneficial because there is a synergy in working with someone in expanded consciousness. We created the intention of uplifting all life to a greater understanding through our connection. When two souls who devote their life to something, work together, it creates a expansion that is unsurpassed by anything that is now known on earth. Just like when sole musicians come together to jam something exponential and seemingly magical happens. It is the Spiritual Law of Unity that creates an exponential expansion when pure intentions are joined.

In the session, we had expanded ourselves beyond the concept of the body. We were seeing the joining of our energy fields even though we are in different parts of the world. We brought everyone on earth into the awareness that we were experiencing. Much of the truth we were given is too difficult to articulate in words. So we gift it to others through osmosis. They will just know what once they did not. All souls were gifted through our intention.

We realized then, that what we were experiencing was the awareness of the Guides that we turn to for guidance. We were no longer individuals begging for truth from afar. We were equal energies with the Guides. We were symbiotic with them. We were shown that the way to connect to them and truth was to expand our sense of self to assist all of life.

Everything we were taught about begging for a crumb of truth was now obsolete. All the books that people read to get a crumb of truth (except mine) were a means of fixing the humans in a limited state. The books limited their capabilities to expand their self to feel themselves present in all the world, all of space and all of the worlds. In fact, we were not just uplifting humans but all life on all planets. We both got a sense of that.

She was telling me how important tuning forks were in her healing work. What the tuning forks were doing was pulling the individual out of their coordinates of time and space so that the mangled energy system that was a by product of believing they were linear beings, could unwind and fix itself.

The Guides showed me the individual as the center of a bicycle wheel. The energy emanates out like the spokes on the wheel. Except the spokes emanate in all directions; like the rays of the sun. Then they showed me a mangled bike wheel. They showed me this is what naturally happens in the energy system of a person who believes they are linear beings. Since linear existence is a universal belief, it showed me how all humans are like mangled wheels and this is why disease is so prevalent.

Pure energy can not flow and flush out impurities if it is tangled. What I do with my work is remove the person from their coordinates in time and space and allow the energy of the person to unwind itself and untangle. Believing we are only here for one life is a huge way to stop the flow of energy in the system. When I use the phrase, “in all moments” in my taps, the person doing them has suspended their coordinates in time and space to untangle all of their energy in doing the taps.

What I do with my taps and my abilities to simply pull someone up to expanded awareness, this dynamic healer does with tuning forks. The two truths that came from that exchange was that deferring to anyone else as a mentor or more dynamic healer than yourself is limiting yourself to an old state of consciousness where there is a pecking order that must be adhered to. The other truth that came out of that exchange is that every word in itself is a tuning fork. You decide where you attune others with the caliber of speech that you use.

The awareness of expanded consciousness is afforded to everyone who reads this with an open, mind, heart and a receptivity. Get off your knees in adornment of others, and embrace the consciousness of the Gods, you walk among them in energy. If only you agree to. In this way, you are a living, breathing tuning fork.

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