Some people have knots in their back and neck that are painful if prodded. When pressure is applied to them, they cause pain to radiate in another part of the body. Many times it the pain goes into the neck or even the head. Sometimes when someone touches them, they will twitch or spasm.

A way to release them, is to apply firm and even pressure to them for as long as it takes for them to just release. They will seemingly melt and dissipate the energy back into the tissue and it will flow in a natural pattern again. What can actually speed up the process is tapping on the top of the head while pressing on the trigger points. This instructs the brain to address the trigger points as a top priority.

Dogs have trigger points as well. When their fur twitches when they are petted, it is a trigger point. That part of the body is not getting the proper oxygen that it needs. These twitches are a form of limiting a dogs mobility. When my dog has a twitch, I grab the fur over the twitch until it releases. But I do it very gently so that it doesn’t cause her unnecessary pain or discomfort. The longer the twitch has been there, the more it will need to be worked out. But it is more comfortable in their body for you to release the twitches if you can do it gently.

Things that upset us are emotional trigger points. That is the purpose of the taps I post; to free up the energy that is devoted to these painful areas and to prevent them from radiating to other parts of our lives; and even our relationships. The more we address our trigger points head on, the more free our lives can be and the more relaxed we will be in our own skin.

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