In the dream state, my experiences are pretty much a continuation of being awake but with doing dynamic things that I participate in and witness at the same time while my physical body rests. It is literally being awake all the time and shifting from the physical world to a more expansive one at night. There are seeds of what matters to me in the day with an extended repertoire of experiences to support the truth I write about and share with the reader. It is the truth. that people who get a sense of my work use,  to learn to perceive as expansive as me as well.

Last night I kept having a re-experience of looking at an open house that was for sale. Yesterday, I was driving by an open house and decided to just go in and check it out. When looking for a new home, there is a consciousness to a house and it is a matter of matching up the personality of your family, with the consciousness of the house. If the house likes you, you will know it. You will like the house too. If the house isn’t for you, you will get a sense of it. There may be a way to win over the house and make it an agreeable co-habitation. But it is much better, as in any relationship, to love the house immediately.

Yesterday, when I visited a house, the realtor volunteered some information. She already had a couple who put in an offer to buy the house. But they broke up that same day. When someone offers unusual information, it is important to take it in. The Universe is telling you a great wisdom that you may never learn any other way. From that little nugget of truth, I realized that the couple broke up because the house didn’t want them as habitants. It was obvious.

The house didn’t want me either. The house didn’t like me. As amazing as it was, I wasn’t impressed either. It had everything anyone could want, and yet I was not impressed. The house was not impressed with me. It had all these projects going on. It had a partially renovated basement, a place over the garage to renovate into an office and a huge utility barn on the property. The house wanted the projects finished and wanted the utility barn used. It did not want me getting in there and not living up to its expectations for itself. I knew it, the house knew it. I thanked the realtor and moved on.

There was another open house on the way home from this one. It was a stucco house with a different personality. It seemed European to me. It just had a huge space in the dining area and there was no living room. It reminded me of a pre-world war house where there was not the luxury of sitting around in the living area. The intention of this house was to have busy people in it who came together at meals but otherwise were engaged in productivity. There was a chicken coup in the suburban back yard and a very thought out garden. The house reminded me of what a busy home looked like before the laziness of modern living set in. It wasn’t for me either. But it became the backdrop of a major spiritual lesson later when I slept.

All night long, I kept reliving visiting this second house. But it was interesting, in the dream state, the open floor plan was the front line of a battle ground. The same scenario would play over in the dream state with me walking into the house and stumbling upon a front line of a major war. The only thing that changed in each scenario was the weapon that everyone was using. In the scenarios of the battle grounds, at first the soldiers were using crossbows. Then they were all using muskets and then again they were using automatic weapons. All the time, I am walking around the kitchen looking at counter space and square footage.

The dream was obviously telling me something.  It took waking up for two bathroom runs for me to figure it out. What was the commonality? What was the scenario telling me? It finally occurred to me. What did all the battle scenes have in common with me innocently looking at homes?  All battles, all wars, all disagreements in the world boil down to a common core interest. People fight wars and go to battle for the same reason I was looking at houses. It is a base urge to have a place of nurturing and comfort to call home.   All the bullshit of tribalism and “them vs us” would melt away if everyone just respected and even honored that position in another.  That they simply want a place to call home.

The immigrants, the other countries, no other species is our enemy. All life is simply looking for a place to call home. If we could nurture this quality in others that we so selfishly abscond in ourselves, the world will have peace. If all the energy that goes into destroying others, could be converted into ways to better others, there would be less difficulties to deal with. There would be no immigrants if the countries they were running from weren’t overrun by corruption and converted into better places to live. Instead of using energy to keep people out, with war and destruction, we could use our energy to create a better life for people all over the world.

The reason this would work is that this is in agreement with spiritual law. If you set out a noble intention, the Universe will conspire to assist you. The natural evolution is to move people to the higher ground of greater awareness. But if humans are going to set lower intentions, they are merely entangling the natural arch of experience towards more entanglement. This is what the white man would do when he touched ground on every continent and tried to convert it to his understanding of God. The Native Americans welcome the white man to North America until the white man tried to tell the Native America how to worship and treated them subservient.

The whole world will be a different place as we honor and respect that sacred aspect of others that we nurture in ourselves. The barbaric treatment of taking children away from their parents is sinking to a new low. It is attempting to instigate the archaic practice of whitewashing society. The negative energies attempt to treat any culture that is not of white skin, as subservient. Those involved with whitewashing America right now are displaying barbaric practices that have always been a sinister balm of energy that immerses those it taints with an ignorant pious self-righteousness. The fact that so many of us see through the façade is an encouraging factor.

 The more those of us who are evolving beyond such practices, shine love and awareness into the dark recesses of these practices, the more all of humanity can enjoy the reverent state of building a nurturing life for itself and its love one. Love cleans and expands consciousness. Fear and selfishness shrink and dulls the experiences of all. The more we love, the more we can sear clean the negativity in the world and return all to a more loving state. It used to be enough to simply love as a bi-product of our natural state. But so many of us have been trained to judge and fear that they have dropped out of having this natural tendency to love. It is up to us who are so diligent in loving those beyond our own scope that are going to save the rest, who have dropped out of love and have adopted hate.

This new administration has adopted hate. It can be the thing that destroys us. Or the thing that strengthens our initiative to love. Please, let it do the latter. We are too dynamic and have come too far together to go down in a pathetic thump of ignorance and hate. If you have someone you have unfriended or a family member you can’t talk to because of their politics and beliefs, then hate has won. Be the better person. Love them (perhaps from afar) while ignoring their beliefs. Their beliefs are being affected by strong mind control that drives them into primal urges. Love them from afar, love all those you fear. Love is the best defense to maintain the opportunity to love outwardly. The courts and the laws have been tainted, but we, as dynamic energy units, continue to pump love into the world without allowing our love to be used as fuel for the hate.

Our goodness is used to fuel the hate when people politely agree. When they pretend to go along with an agenda. When they don’t speak their truth. When they pretend to believe as the hate mongers do simply to coexist. Withdraw all your energy from the fear and judgement by withdrawing your attention from them and pouring it on the people who have integrity and good intentions. Instead of watching the freak show of the power mongers, turn away from their attention grabbing ploys. Starve them of attention and put it on the good leaders. Blind loyalty is being used to turn the clocks back hundreds of years. Support those who support justice and truth in the world. Love, love, love and continue to pour your love into the world. Not in a naïve way, but in an empowering, enriching way.

There was another aspect of the dream. There were a couple people that I recognized in my personal life but so many others that I was following along through their days and supporting their success that I did not recognize. I was spending time with these people in my dream and supporting and encouraging them so that they were transformed into dynamic. One of them was my nephew, and another was a young woman, I was watching him shave, and watching her put on makeup. There were a group of enthusiastic young adults around us as well.  They were encouraging them but also encouraging me as I encouraged them. They were so fun. They made me feel like the life of the party and they made the people I was working with feel that way too. They were just positive and encouraging. Like a private cheering crowd. They mostly wore white modern dresses and attire.

I was shown many scenarios where these people I was assisting were going about their days. They seemed to mostly be on a huge college campus (the school of life) and I was following many different people around and encouraging them. But also following us around was this enthusiastic entourage. They were so encouraging to everything I said and did to assist those I was supporting. The people who I had my attention on, just became more empowered and successful. The band of groupies gave them a great sense of self-worth. It was a great confidence booster for me as well. Please try to visualize these cheerleaders. They are there for your life as well.

When I awoke, I realized that the band of groupies were angels. That was their whole role; to positively support others who were trying to do good things in the world. They are leveling out the playing field of having so much negativity in the world. The negative factions are so stacked against anyone who tries to do good in this world that the band of angels is a means to support us through this negative phase in the earth’s evolution. Because they don’t have physical bodies, their total work in the Universe is to encourage those of us who do have physical bodies and all that entails to plug into their place in the higher realms. They were really fun to have around. One reminded me of a young Cameron Diaz with the enthusiasm of a young Drew Barrymore.

I also realized something else from the experience. The people I was following around were people that I am assisting in the world. They are the ones that sign up on my website for my energetic cleanse   In past lifetimes, one would have to commit their whole lives to a spiritual venture and join a monastery. In present day, one would have to join a secret society and pay dues to feel protected in the spiritual realms and to learn truth. One would be expected to give allegiance to a central figure who would take their empowerment and use it for a personal agenda. That is all not necessary. The people in my dream are the people that get the love and support of a spiritual savvy individual without any of the trappings of worship or idolization. There is just mutual respect, growth, and gratitude. All parties are learning and growing greater into their spiritual nature.

There was another aspect to the dream experience. The people I was shadowing and training were in a college auditorium setting. It was some kind of graduation day. But instead of being on stage for them, I was in the audience with them. The entourage were in the back of the room. There was some kind of contest in answering a question of how to succeed. Even though I wasn’t part of the class, I participated as well. It was part of the new training that we are all learning together and that there is a difference between a support system and an authority figure. It was revealing the upgrade to Gaia empowerment. It was an oxymoron to have a contest but I suspect that everyone there was a winner.

Suddenly the crowds cheered and my answer to the question was announced. It was interesting that there was a winner because the whole experience was eliminating the whole concept of hierarchy. But the people loved and respected me there and were happy that I was participating. The question I answered was How to Succeed. My answer was to do everything you can to pour love and empowerment into the world and bring as many people along with you as you can. My writings, books, website and retreats are me exactly doing just that.

What are you doing?

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