As spiritual beings, we exist in service. When we give of ourselves in kindness, and encouragement, we are aligning our spirituality with our physicality. Whatever is more complicated than that is a distraction from this truth.

The reason that our government has representatives is because those in power, didn’t believe that the average person was capable of discerning for themselves. So they elected representatives to vote for them. They held this same predicate in relationship to religion.

Now that the average person is awakening, the power factions want to use that same group dynamic to PREVENT the individual from discerning for themselves. Most people who are awakening, can sense that the religious and political groups are not meant to serve them but themselves. They use fear tactics to keep them everyone entrenched.

The more we are kind and encouraging, the more we assist people in awakening so that they can discern for themselves. There are three dynamics playing out today.

One, is those that are still motivated by group dynamics. Another is so far beyond relying on group dynamics that is causing them to be a targeted by those whose way of life is threatened by the lack of dependency on groups. Then there are the ones who are on the fence.

The ones on the fence are those who have outgrown group dynamics but use them as a crutch in some way. They are afraid to be seen as different because of some primal shaming that happened to them in a past life and is stored in their DNA. Yes, they believe in past lives but can’t admit to it openly.

These ones on the fence are the majority. They stay closeted in conformity so as not to upset those in reactionary mode. They do not realize that they are the majority. In this current climate, the Universe is knocking them off the fence. Either choose interpersonal freedom or be conditioned through rhetoric and peer pressure to go back to sleep.

The natural disasters that happen, push people out of pockets of complacency. Evolution and growth is a natural state. Those who work ruthlessly to keep men enslaved to their groups, show up twisted and contorted in appearance. They may look slightly unbalanced in the physical world but in energy they are vile and repulsive.

I never defend Obama. If I did, my message would be lost to so many people. But I know he is a good man. You know how I know? Not by his politics. He is not perfect. I know by his energy. He is balanced aligned and pleasing in energy. Those that attack him for a purpose, are covered with this slimy by-product of their intention.

Those who are merely caught up in the rhetoric that other people sling, are vacant looking and on auto pilot. They are terrified and reactionary from past traumas and are lashing out at whomever they are aimed at. It is no different than a woman fighting off any man who approaches her after she has been raped.

If people could get back to their core purpose as spiritual beings, they would relax in their energy and figure this stuff out on their own. But they are too manipulated and exploited by power factions that are losing their edge. People have been honed into weapons to protect an agenda. They have been aimed at others who have started to awaken more. They have been encouraged to attack.

The same onslaught that Obama endures, all those who show their understanding of greater truths are demonized to protect the group dynamics. One who is on the verge of awakening will question why being a tree hugger is so bad. Why are hippies the enemy? In hindsight, the hippy movement brought about the end of the Vietnam war that was initiated and perpetuated to protect a power base.

The hippy mentality is a powerful thing. It was squelched by a mentality that bribed the next generation into complacency through a booming market. Now that commercialism is even more worshiped, they use the songs written by the hippies to sell their products to a generation that is less inspired. Anyone of the songwriters of the past would be appalled that their freedom songs were used in this way.

When we are freed up from attacking and demoralizing others, our creative juices are freed up to create, inspire, discern and transcend. This is what the power factions are trying to prevent. That is what those who are desperate to know their purpose crave. The more you can turn your attention away from what you are being told to feel; whatever creates a primal reaction in you; the more your energy can untwist, balance and expand.

This will create a well being in yourself and those around you and give them an ease of purpose. This relaxing of your energy will spontaneously allow others to awaken. You will know this is happening when more originality and inspired music abounds. we will no longer have to reach back decades to be be inspired.

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