People don’t understand how spiritual law works yet. It is exacting as physical laws like gravity. When people talk about themselves when they are at their lowest point, that is what people are going to lock into as that person’s identity. They are freezing themselves in that lowest point.

When they talk about their sick or dying relative, they are holding that person in a position of being sick and dying forever. Forever. It is difficult to recover from someone who is supposed to love them, is locking them into a freezing pattern of being sick and dying forever. It becomes a part of the person’s identity. The person who shares it becomes the one with the loved one who is suffering so bad.

People would really benefit their loved ones by understanding this. Other people’s image of us is a thought form that holds us in a fixed position if you are not strong or aware enough to counter it. People who are sick or struggling are not well enough to counter an onslaught of strangers seeing them as sick. It acerbates their plight.

It is a extreme violation of someone’s psychic space to talk about their struggles without their permission. It is a violation of their psychic space to take pictures of them when they are in the hospital and share them. It is a violation of your pets psychic space to tell everyone about their medical issues, and how they are suffering. It is also a violation of your pet’s psychic space when you keep telling their sad back story over and over. Please, let them enjoy their life and stop pulling them back into their worst moment. You are doing them a lot of damage.

I learned this when I encountered this particular woman and her cute little dog. The mom had incredible health issues. It was no coincidence that she also loved to talk about them. The little dog was happy until the mom started to tell it’s story. It went from being excited and playful in the moment to wilting and cowering inside. She never even noticed. I stopped her right in the middle of her diatribe and gave her a pretty hearty lecture. The sweet dog loved the lecture (it was for his benefit). It was meant to interrupt what she was doing to him. He became happy again.

So when you are asking for those prayers or telling your friends about your issue, ask yourself if this is how you want to be recognized from now on. Ask yourself if the process of talking about something is worth being locked in that experience from there after. If you ask for prayers, ask yourself if the request is going to assist your plight; or is it going to lock you or your love one in and unfavorable position.

People have a long memory for negative issues and a short memory for the good ones. It takes so much more of priming a life with positive goodwill for it to fix a life in a positive light. But it is worth it. If one is desperate for prayers, a generic request is so much more beneficial than giving the details. Your loved ones deserve the respect to be seen in their best light. Please don’t desecrate them out of lack of understanding. Their self empowerment is too important.

Apologies if this truth upsets anyone. If it does, I suggest energetically taking back what you have put out there.. It is no small thing to do this. The other thing is that people who ask for prayers don’t recognize it when it is given. I pour healing energy on all my friends who read my work. So if they are still asking for prayers, they are not recognizing what they already have been given.

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