The Spiritual Law of Unity simply states that when individual components are combined, the combination becomes much greater than the sum of all it’s parts. What this means is that a group combined is much greater than all the parts added. It is pivotal to recognize the ramifications of this spiritual law in uplifting all of humanity.

An example of this is a cake recipe. An egg is an egg and a cup of flour is a cup of flour. But when you put the right combination of egg and flour and sugar together, you create something that that is incredibly different than the parts. The cake you create is a exponential manifestation. We have seen this spiritual law work in certain grass root movements.

As individuals, we may feel like inconsequential in making a difference in the world. Even if we know that what we value is an upgrade to humanity and it will benefit all to abide by a higher code of ethics and loving interaction. Alone we are isolated. But when many come together with a similar loving intention, we create a in-swelling of such incredible divinity, that all are uplifted and empowered by it’s magnitude. We don’t even have to know of the dynamics of the group. It is enough to know that there is a loving undercurrent of interpersonal joy, love abundance and integrity flowing, and we; by what we hold as our truth; are a part of it.

So many have lost a sense of true empowerment. So they indulge in power plays. Power is not empowerment. It is not gracious and as satisfying as knowing one’s own capabilities and the realization that no one can knock one of his perch. The true joy is realizing the expansion of our own depth and inviting everyone else to relinquish the chains of human conditioning; and to know it too.

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