Do you know how low feelings are on the survival scale? Feelings mean less than we give them credit for. It is like identifying all of existence from the reference point of our emotions. It is like saying and believing that the whole world is a place of darkness every time there is a nightfall. Or saying that the whole world is shrouded in cold every time there is a snowfall.

The emotions are supposed to be merely a gauge of how to align all our energies. For example: when you do “feel” the cold of winter, you respond by putting on a jacket and gloves. If you don’t respond simply to the cold by adding layers, then you will be immersed in cold. You will then lament about the cold similarly to how some lament about their feelings.

It will be the experience that you use to define yourself. That is shortsightedness.

You Are Love, Loved, and Loving

Whatever you are feeling and experiencing is valid. However you are feeling isolated, know that so many others are experiencing the same. You are bonded to all others by that feeling of being disconnected. You dip from an infinite well when you pierce through the pain...

Trees as Family Members

There was a time not so long ago when dogs and cats were not treated as revered members of the family. They existed as non-beings and got love as best they could. Looking back on how we treated them may be painful for those of us who adore our pets and recognize the...

Becoming Free

Peace is your birthright. If you do not have peace, you may have to forgo some of the trappings of illusion to reestablish it as a mainstay. Do this by challenging the things that do not nurture you and see if they are worth the discord that they provide. For example,...

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