Whenever you ask a question, if you pay attention, the answer will just come to you. This is tapping into your own innate wisdom.

I was staring at a panel of wood. (I am always sad at how trees are raped for their wood when there are other materials available now). I was wondering what the grains in wood mean. I was given the answer immediately.

Trees don’t just take in carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen for us. Trees take in our emotional issues and convert them to clarity for us. They literally prevent us from going insane. That is partially why a lot of the craziness of the world happens in places where there are few trees. (we have to find a way to put trees back into the inner cities)

The grains in the wood measure how much emotional issues the tree is taking in and converting to clarity. The grains are a literal and accurate measure of their level of assistance in bringing emotional stability to their environment.

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