Isn’t it interesting that so many good and worthy people are without loving partners these days. Are we all flawed, as we are conditioned to believe? Or is the system flawed? I lost the need for a relationship when I fell in love with this guy from a dating service. I was so in love with him. I was gushing and happy. But he turned out to be a scam artist. He was not real.

The articulate writer passed me off to someone else to scam money from me. But!!!!! What about these feelings. I felt love…..incredible life-changing love that made me happy and complete. But this guy wasn’t real? It was then that I truly realized that the whole feeling of falling in love was generated by me.

I was in love without getting anything back from this guy. I was doing it. Then I realized if I was able to create the feeling of being in love unwittingly, that I could do it consciously as well. That was the last time I concerned myself with being in a relationship.

I also noticed that when great givers of life were suddenly in relationships, they turned their attention from their highest purpose to the target of their affections. There was always a dilution in their service to humanity in some way. I see the relevance of so many aware souls who are uplifting humanity not being distracted in that way at this time.

Besides, we are expanded enough to be in love with all life. We don’t need to be placated by a linear relationship at this time. The love is always there. If you are feeling lonely, you are separating yourself with an outmoded concept that we are all separate. We are not. We are all living, being, and creating in this incredible Love soup that is our mainstay now.

You are not alone. You may as well enjoy love in a billion intangible ways. Because it is our mainstay. That feeling that was tapped into hit or miss on some holidays, holy days, or with the company of one special person, is now your mainstay. It is just a matter of recognizing it, accepting it, and appreciating it.

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