Why are not all prayers answered? Why are only some confident with their communion with Source? Why are others left feeling so unheard and lost when it comes to connecting with God? Why have we not upgraded how we connect with Source? Especially, if it is based on a belief that was implemented during a time when ignorance was rampant? Why adhere to a system that relies on others to connect to Source for us?

Here is the upgrade to having all prayers answered:

Stop praying from a place of disadvantage? Meaning; stop doing so as if you are a lowly outpost begging for a connection to a satellite source that may or may not accept your request. Stop praying with a hopeful intention and start praying from an empowered vantage point. Those who are confident about their prayer requests being answered, have stumbled upon this great truth; and yet still don’t claim the ramifications.

The truth is, that you are the highest Source to launch an intention from. You. It is not helpful to lob a prayer to someone else or wait for someone to lob a good intention to you. You are not a bit player in the game of life. You are the star quarterback; and more.

When you pray, do it from the vantage point of Source itself. Send out the intention that you wish for yourself out to every other being. Emanate your pure and loving intention out to everyone else. This is the most expedient and effective way to pray. Try it. When you send out a pure intention to all of Humanity, that intention will circle back around the Universe and meet you where you stand. This is the whole key to empowerment..

Everything we were taught about being humble and focusing on a higher power has led us away from our true vantage point. We are the Source of our higher power. It could not be more clear. Just as it is easier to send water downhill, it is more effective to send an intention out to all of life. It is a fail safe way to have all your intentions come back to you.

Doing this does not diminish the magnificence of Source. All our limiting depictions of what Source really entails, left us out of the equation as a means to control and govern us. There is also a fear of what a person would do who realizes how empowered they really are. This limiting mentality is not serving us anymore.

The crazed lunatic has stumbled upon this truth in his frustration to be validated. It is time for us all to level the playing field by realizing the depth of our own worth. Have a God complex. By all means have a God complex. Yet realize every atom of life with that same complexion. This is the means to true empowerment.

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