This very important message came out recently in a private session that I facilitated. It was an acerbic assessment of how woman treat other woman in society. Trying to be the prettiest, have the best clothes, steal one’s boyfriend, gossip about or belittle another woman is NOT female energy. It is a woman doing male energy in the female form. It is vulgar and a desecration of the sisterhood of Goddess energy.

Even the subtle means of wanting to outshine another woman is an indication that there is too much male energy at play. It is male energy that is single pointed with only one clear victor and an enjoyment of out besting their friends for sport. This is a part of their strength and internal wiring but it is not so charming in woman.

Female energy wants everyone to be empowered. Female energy enhances the beauty of all by seeing them in such light. Female energy honors her goddess sisters by embracing the highest possible manifestation of them in every way. To do less is to desecrate Goddess energy and to diminish one’s own glow.

It may be thought okay to say that, “everybody does it, so it is okay”. But no. You as a Goddess are better than that. You know who you are and you see how beautifully I see you. I honor the Goddess in you by holding you accountable for your actions and how you serve Gaia in this way.

At one time, a sister Goddess would NEVER speak or even think harshly about a fellow sister Goddess. If woman continue to do this, it is a statement that she is in agreement with male energy’s belief that it’s superior. We all are Goddess energy. Let’s start acting the reverent part we are meant to play. Lets hold ourselves to a higher standard so that all female energy can empower itself in human form.

We have the ability, awareness, capability and the responsibility to do this. You can sense the truth of this and hopefully correct this issue with yourself and your friendships. You are not as invisible as you may believe. You are watched and encouraged every step of the way. You know the truth of it and it is time to come into total alignment with truth.

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