When television was invented, no one expected it to be the phenomenon it has become. In the early days of television, there was a leap of awareness brought into the homes of everyone. They got to witness war and the cruelties of man first hand. They got to have a voice in what was a part of culture and also to the evolution of man. That is when people realized the effectiveness of their stance was, and how empowering it is when individuals come into agreement; even if it is against the established beliefs set in power. Television magnified the effects of civil disobedience and banning together in protest. It swayed public opinion to bring those who were abusing power down and to end war.

Eventually. established factions learned how to manipulate what we were shown on television and used the media to manipulate us. We see this today with filthy rich power mongers buying whole televisions stations so that they can manipulate what we hear on television and deem it as truth. Millions of people are duped into thinking that the opinions they hear on certain media outlets is genuine. They do not realize that most things are scripted and endorsed by very deep pockets with an agenda. To be unaware of this is a form of slavery.

Social media has taken the world by surprise as well. It is supporting a jump in evolution that may not have been suspected by those who thought they had the whole world in their back pocket. Really. This is our chance to use this venue to connect in love and awareness with others in many corners of the world we would not be privy to otherwise, It is a huge opportunity to uplift the consciousness of the world by sharing truth and kindness. This is why I write and share as much as I can. This is a golden opportunity to do some good in the world. That is why I amm so grateful when others share my posts.

The power mongers with an agenda are figuring out ways to diminish the effectiveness of this great venue and use it to their advantage to diminish the race of humans. They already do. They fill it up with mindless games that don’t connect us but keep us distracted from truth. They pit us against each other when we share truth or a introduce a new thought,They create bullies out of the kindest people who believe it is okay to be rude just because you don’t personally know the person. They have taught us to demonize anyone who doesn’t hold the exact same values as ourselves. They teach us to see fear everywhere and to mistrust those from different cultures.

They are just getting started in their research of how to use the venue of social media to enslave the masses. It is our job to not allow that to happen. We must be aware, kind, savvy and accepting with each other. We must not allow differences in others to fragment us and to shut us down to truth. We must question every motive of everything we are is brought into our personal realm and ask ourselves, “who benefits if I subscribe to this belief system?”. We must value truth when others share it and endorse it as much as possible.

We have all become pretty savvy in figuring out when someone has an agenda and are fooling us. Now it is time to use that same skill set with groups and establishments. Remember that any group large enough to become an establishment has done so because they know how to manipulate the group consensus. It can be through persuasion, bribery, force or kindness. I can not name too many that do it through kindness.

This is a spiritual opportunity for us all to use social media to benefit others. To use it to diminish others or to shut them down or distract others in pettiness is an indication that someone is already enslaved. To refuse to participate in such things and to withdraw your energy from them is the most empowering thing you can do for all. To share loving, kind, uplifting and thoughtful posts is a way to empower the group consensus of humanity. Thank you in advance for doing this. Your grandchildren thank you as well.

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