Young people want a solid concrete reason why not to do something. Since they live in an impervious state, it is difficult to tell them of the consequences of anything and make any impact. This makes it so difficult to warn them of the dangers of drugs. They just take it as an overreaction with out any conclusive rationale behind it.

As someone who assists people in balancing out energetically, I explain to them that there is a very definite immediate consequence to doing drugs. Drugs and alcohol and even smoking affect your energy field in different ways. All are harmful to your overall well being.

You are more than your body. You are an orb of energy that to the eyes that can see looks like an orb of light. You are also a compilation of  different waves of sound frequencies. These are two ways to perceive the energetic aspect of the self. The physical body is only part of the frequency of you. It resonates in a particular pattern; as do your emotions, thoughts, and even all your past experiences.

Smoking cigarettes pokes holes in your energy field. These holes open one up to the will of others. I can usually tell when someone is a smoker because usually the energy around their mouth is warped so their lips look crooked to me. I also see a hole in their energy field where they habitually hold the cigarette in their mouth. People who I see this in, also seem to have an insecurity that is hard to describe. It seems to be that they are more concerned with the opinions of other than is healthy for them.  They aren’t necessarily insecure people, this is just a way to explain what is seen energetically.

When people drink alcohol, they lose control of their self will. They hand over their power to any  energy that may be around. This means that they have a tendency to walk into a “cloud” of stagnant energy and give it expression. Some people are more susceptible to particular kinds of energy. That is why some people become angry or some people become sad drunks. People who become angry are becoming some kind of receiving rod for angry energy and express it like their own. They seem to resonate with the frequency of anger and become a manifestation of it in their physical form.

Many young people are looking to understand the purpose of life and are looking for a means to understand themselves as spiritual beings. They may believe doing drugs is a way to get their answer. Doing drugs can only take one to a very low aspect of the astral plane. It is not a very high level of awareness. When someone does drugs, the are disengaging their censor. The censor is a barrier between the physical world and the inner worlds that prevents the individual from knowing too much with out the maturity to properly process that truth.

The barrier is a protection for an individual from getting too much of an experience before they are capable of handling it. It is their own safety valve. It is the same mechanism that garbles dreams so that the physical psyche has the ability to process the truth of their adventures in the inner worlds. If one is really devoted to knowing what their inner travels are while they sleep, they will work at decoding their own dream symbols as a way to unfold into the truth of their own expansiveness. Drugs are a one way ticket to hell.

I have worked with many people who at one time has taken hallucinogens with the desire of having a spiritual experience. It has led each one of them to their own private ongoing hell. Hallucinogens warp one’s different layers of sound frequencies. It “melts” them all together so that one’s physical, emotional, causal and mental aspects are not capable of functioning as they are supposed to. This has dire consequences on every-day living.

Imagine the different aspects of yourself; your body, thoughts, emotions and past experiences as being different orbs that align perfectly to fit together in perfect alignment. When one does hallucinogens, it warps this alignment. It means that in one’s daily life, they don’t have complete control over their emotions, thoughts and even what they see and experience.

I have had clients that were triggered into terror years later by a mundane experience. Thoughts pop up in their daily life making them feel damned or evil. They will see things out of the corner of their eyes that are aspects of the astral world but appear to them in the physical realm. Their perceptions are distorted in particular ways that they can not share with any one else. They become isolated in their reality and carry this unnecessary burden. All of them regret ever touching hallucinogens and have regretted that particular choice.

If you know of any one who may be exploring drugs to discover their own spirituality. Please give them this to read. There are so many better ways to explore spirituality. It is more stupid than courageous to find one’s self this way. It is so much better to go slow with any spiritual endeavor.

  • Read uplifting books, learn from inspirational seekers throughout history.
  • Ask the Universe questions in solitude and gratefully expect the answers to come. The answers will come.
  • Keep a record of your dreams and create a dream symbology book that encompasses all your unique experiences.
  • Become the hero of your own life by questioning the truth behind all aspects of authority.
  • Listen to your inner nudges and gut feeling about what is right for you.
  • Care about something other than yourself like a cause or a pet.
  • Become interested in bettering yourself physically and emotionally by getting involved with things that challenge you.
  • Stay away from toxic relationships so that you can keep a clean space for healthy relationships.
  • Reach out to someone if you need to talk to someone.

If you are having feelings and experiences where you feel like you are the only one who has ever had them, know this is a trick of the mind to keep you stuck. Challenge this belief by reaching out and having someone to talk to.

If you don’t feel that anyone will understand your unique experiences, please know that these feelings of being alone, special, unique isolated and forsaken are so very common that they actually make you more normal than you could possibly realize.

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