There is such a thing as inner beauty. It is far more intriguing than physical beauty. It is an incredibly bright light that is seen through every movement in a physical form. And when the two are blended together, it can be breathtaking to behold. That is why a child on the verge of adulthood is at such a vital stage.

Around puberty is the time when the inner Light is merging with the newly forming adult. When nurturing a child we are nurturing a feed of a beautiful Light that can make the angels weep in it‘s splendor. This Light feeds the future dreams and accomplishments of the individual.

It is the parents job to fan the embers of their child’s glow and allow it to emanate well into adulthood. Most people’s connection to a wonderful source of inner vibrancy wanes gradually. They stop imagining. Friends and outer responsibilities pull their attention away from it their own wonderment. Shutting down has been an aspect of the process of living.

The way that we stay connected to our own inner beauty is by being creative and by our personal acts of faith; like prayer, meditation, communing with nature. Plugging in to a world of absolute wonder and infinite joy and possibilities becomes our own agreement with life.

There are monsters. They are not under the bed but they are very much real. They come in the guise of people other adults trust. Trusting children everywhere forgo listening to their gut feelings and trust and rely on the their parents judgment . Not listening to their own instincts is the first step away from the inner Light.

The monsters are among us. They are in positions of authority. They keep up disguises most of the time but they are always covering the truth. The truth is, that they want to destroy the light and that everything else is inconsequential. The lie that they live is that they care and that they are perfectly “normal”. Children know who they are. Children see through the disguise. But they aren’t taught, many times to listen to their own gut and they are not allowed to voice their own opinion. This is when the Lie wins and darkness creeps in.

The monsters extinguish our hope by devouring the Light of our children. A pedophile isn’t about the sexual act of molesting (which is a polite word for rape). The monster is about taking that inner beauty and desecrating it;
because that is what they do. They eat beauty, hope and wonder and leave a cold stark reality in it’s stead. The child spends a lifetime trying to understand how their Light got squelched. It happened by putting blind faith in something or someone outside of themselves.

And this is some ways it can be prevented:

Teach your child to trust their gut instincts. This should be part of their training into adulthood.

If your child over reacts to a situation, pay attention. They may be telling you something in the only way they are capable of.

Keep open dialogue with your child. Their world is very fascinating and they will give a key to anyone who is interested in entering it.

Listen to your own gut feeling. When it comes to your child, you may overreact but it may be just what is needed in the instance.

Teach your child that no one is beyond reproach. It is a good life’s lesson to have a healthy respect for authority but that is different that a blind faith in it.

Put no one up on a pedestal. Teach your child that everyone is human and don’t allow them to idolize others.

If their relationship with an adult suddenly changes, listen to your instincts a red flag just went off.

Society isn’t the same as it use to be. Romanticizing life is now dangerous for your child. It isn’t about living in fear, but we can’t go about living with blinders on. Every guardian must stay in the state of heightened awareness.

The best thing you can do as a caregiver of children, is to realize the courage comes in doing what is necessary to protect the children entrusted to you. And realize that the monster has many forms. Other forms it take are insecurity, naivety and indifference.

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