Rita's birthday 064

You are not separate from your spirit guides, There are many more than you realize. They appreciate your love as much as you benefit from theirs. You are connected and embraced in all in all the protection, Love and wisdom that they can possibly offer.

It is not them that separate from you. It is you, in your belief that has kept them at bay. The more you acknowledge and appreciate them, the more that the connection is realized. Fear of not knowing them, fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, fear of believing in something that is not widely talked about; is all fear. Fear is the opposite of love. So to dry up the fear and separateness, by simply loving more.

The only risk in loving too much is that the ego will feel out of sorts if the love is misplaced. But the ego is not in charge; or shouldn’t be. The best remedy for an over healthy ego is to simply love more. Love under all conditions. Love even if you feel raw and vulnerable. Love even and especially if you feel wronged. The people who wrong you are in the most need of love. For how could they defy someone as beautiful as you if they were in agreement with love?

Love is never a waste. Love is never displaced. The more that it feels foolish and awkward to give, the more evidence that is exactly what is needed. So what if your love splashes in the “wrong” places or pours over into the “wrong” spots.Your love will never be a waste until this whole world is drenched in Love. It can happen.

My first post of the day is usually what the spirit guides want me to share. No, they are not just my guides. They are here to serve all. They are yours as well. To call them mine is to create a level of separation that is not necessary or helpful. Please accept the love first hand. It is vital to the transcendence of the world that all realize and accept the sweetest and most sincere gift; one of love and acceptance.

Anyone who tries to make you feel unaccepted or invalidated is not of love. Please remember that as they engage, and walk away. You are such a beautiful expression of love and unique beauty. Please don’t you dare allow any one; not your mother, friends, community, country or world; make you feel otherwise, To stay in the love must be your strength of conviction. For when you accept the love and ingest it as your truth and essence, you hold the door open for a billion other souls to do the same.

Make your walk on this earth count for something. Walk in confidence and reverence. This is your legacy if you choose. It has always been your choice, no matter what it has felt with. Gaining Mastership is simply recognizing this. If you want to be more connected with your spirituality, simply love more and all will be revealed to you.

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