Some things that happen in the world are necessary forms of cleansing. Fire is a form of purification and the world is going through purification. But it is pretty insensitive to write that when lives are lost and homes are destroyed. I have done energy work to repair the schism of the San Andreas fault in the past.
People think these things are inevitable but have they ever tried with their intentions to repair what needs repairing? I do. I got a sense that the work I do, did in fact prevented this reality from being inevitable. The curses of saying California are on borrowed time are removed as well. So a new reality has been established.
There are many different scenarios that could happen in any situation, when we adopt a positive outlook, we create a portal for a different reality to emerge. That is why people need to be positive. They are living, breathing portal makers whether they wish to be or not. What we have been agreeing to has not been beneficial. So there is a new reality in California but the negative residual energy that has accrued on the planet is combustible.
Hopefully, the energy of all the curses to California falling off into the ocean are what are being dissipated in the fires. Curses are creating a negative portal for others to walk in.
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