There is the belief that over taxing the rich is so unfair. I have not challenged it in myself. True, the plethora of poverty, need, illness and inequality in social standing is unfair. But is it fair to put that on the wealthy.

In my mind it has been an unequivocal no. I have not challenged that belief just like I had never challenged the existence of god, or the constructs of family. But maybe everything we silently agree with need to be overturned and scrutinized.

Just like a person’s concept of family and god should be upgraded as they grow and become individualized, so should this concept of feeling like society is victimizing the rich if they are taxed. It would seem that way if the top one percent was merely living a good life and minding their own business. But that is not what is happening.

The top one percent are using their resources to change the narrative of the whole world to bend to their advantage. They use their wealth to demonize the disenfranchised, sway popular opinions in regard to big issues like global warming and reproductive rights. They have been using their advantage of wealth to hold the rest of the world in hostage to their political, religious and economical point of view.

It is time for the rich to stop being considered the victim if they are taxed. At this point in our evolvement as a collective community, we must take the unfair advantage away from them that they have used to put us all in danger as a whole and at a major disadvantage in our sub sects.

Instead of worrying about what the consequences are to the very rich for being taxed, we must now look at taxation as a survival tool for humanity. We must start giving the same deference to every individual that we have held for the rich. They are no sacred cow. In general, they are a most dangerous group to the freedoms of the individual.

I know this sounds like a great over generalization. But this is the same over generalization that we all have been divided into in some way or some form. It is time to level the playing field in regards to the rich and hold them accountable for their actions. Taxing their wealth to get a little more of it out of their hands, may be what needs to be done.

In so many ways, we have been more compassionate to walking on eggshells in regards to taking the wealth of the rich. But they deserve the same regard as the rest of us in this way. Their fingers must be taken out of the cookie jars of entitlements. They have held us hostage way too long.

If taxing is a way to squelch their incredible ability to drive the narrative of society, we must regain our voices and options as individuals and take back our empowerment.

If this resonates, you would enjoy:Chronicles of Truth book by Jen Ward

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