People love taking selfies. Why?  It is a face, two eyes, a nose and a chin. It is important for them to be seen in photos. Why?  If people could perceive in energy, they would see the need coming through the images. There is a need to be pretty, need to be liked, need to be important, need to be seen as interesting, need to show off their family, friends, and life in general. The common thread that comes through is need.

If you perceive in energy, you may also get a sense of our interconnection. We are all atoms in the body of God or Source. We all function in different ways and have different specialties. Just like the cells of the heart have a different motivation and intention as the cells of the skin. They have the overall same intention of being useful and protective. But how they are useful and protective is different. Just as it is in humans. Expecting everyone to be beautiful, athletic and an accomplished parent is as silly as treating every cell of the heart as if it was a cell of the skin.

Interconnection. It is a beautiful way of expanding consciousness. It takes the competition of linear existence off of the table. Instead of being jealous of every pretty face, one can be grateful that their personal assignment with the Universe is different. They can then appreciate the pretty face as an extension of them. We can do this when we see a love story on the news. It makes us happy because we can relate to the love story. We put ourselves in it to a degree. We are interconnected with it.  If I had to choose between being an accomplished mother or a dynamic healer,  I would choose to be the dynamic healer. (It is a choice I did instinctively made this life)  Because I have more of an ability to outflow as a dynamic healer than a mother. But the mother of Einstein would have made a mistake perhaps if she made that choice. All purposes are unique and should be guided by the inner compass.

When one focuses on the self, their “setting” in life is usually on inflow. That is the conditioning that we have accrued in our earth lifetimes.  But our natural “setting” was once on outflow. This is the means that is more spiritual and necessary as a dynamic anything. Children come into this world giving and kind until society teaches them that this is dangerous to do in this society. But to be able to hold your stance as an individual and to also reach out and touch all of humanity in a positive way, is in natural accordance with the Universe.

Think of all the beautiful way-showers that have imprinted themselves in our memory. They were dynamic ordinary people that held their own identity and yet out-flowed to all of humanity their uniqueness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a superhuman expression of existence; like having incredible talent in music, art, athletics or public speaking. It can be merely being in a position of being seen with such grace and kindness, that it touches the hearts of all who witness. This is why Princess Diana became the people’s princess.

What we are seeing in modern time is people with exemplary talents using their abilities to take on a grand scale. In energy it looks like those in a position of power are racing to vacuum in as much as they can from others while they have the opportunity. It is not only an abuse of power but a violation of spiritual law. These people will be held accountable for their greed. But that is not as important as to understand how we as individuals will be held accountable for our apathy as the giver.

Ask yourself these questions. Are you using your talents? Are you serving humanity in some way? Have you eradicated all need to be validated from your life? If not, it is because you have not tapped into your own means of outflow. When you outflow in a way that is satisfying to you, there is no more regret. There is no where you would rather be. There is no need to be derailed by placating the ego.  There is also little appeasing of others who demand that you be held in a position of mediocrity out of social correctness and politeness.

Let someone else be the pretty boy. Let someone else make the pretty speeches. If this is their way to uplift others, so be it. A musician who is playing their music is enthralled in playing their music. It makes the most unattractive person very attractive because all the atoms of their body are pulsing with the Light of purpose.  Anyone with a particular calling gets caught up in giving in that particular way and perfecting their craft. ]

If you don’t know what your craft is, it may because you are diluting your energy trying to succeed or appease in all ways. It is not necessary. When you find the thing that you enjoy to do and invest a lot of your intention into it, you become dynamic in your own niche. Take Jane Goodall for example. Who would think that spending your days hanging out with chimps in the jungle could bring notoriety. It did for her because she churned it with her passion. She also made a profound contribution in this way.

So let this inspire you to find your own way to be dynamic and contribute. There are plenty of openings out there if the intention is to give and not to take. Humanity is waiting for you to accept your place in the operations of the Universe. Simply start by doing what you love,  being grateful for the direction and stoking the intention with all the passion and confidence that you can.

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