One listens to the body

Is not intrusive

Does not attack the body or cause pain

Does not feel superior to the individual

Realizes the synergy of a group Intention

Does not override natural pathways

Does not use the word “terminal”

Doesn’t poison the whole system

Does not make the person feel inferior or hopeless

Is based on the natural vibration of the earth and her fruits

Treats the body as an extension of nature

Operates within the laws of nature

Holds the individual accountable with speech, thoughts and actions

Does not hold strong opinions as a by product

Honors the individual parts of the individual

Continues to learn and adapt

Is rewarded in more than monetary increments

Speaks to a profound aspect of the self and the Universe.

Is always looking to improve their skills

Realizes there is always more to learn

Doesn’t compartmentalize the body, an issue or life

Honors the healing ability and capability in all

Honors life in all forms

Is aware of their own limitations

Is not motivated by outer accolades

Understands that all forms of healing have merit

Recognizes healing when it happens

Is grateful and aware

Listens with reverence and respect

Includes the individual in the process

Honors life on even a cellular level

Pursues multifaceted venues to health

Is void of judgement

Accepts all types of healing, even western medicine as valid

The most important difference is that one believes that you should defer your power to them, but a natural healer knows that everyone is a healer and embraces the healer in all. If you want to embrace your own healing potential, capacity, abilities and self worth, join us for the August retreat and realize just how empowered you really are.

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