I asked my brother who is a genius at explaining complicated concepts, to explain anti- matter to me. I am convinced that how I assist clients is based on physics and other physical laws. So I am trying to find a way to bridge an understanding from my work to mainstream thought.

I am not able to even articulate our conversation, but I know there is something relevant in what I do. He was talking about unknowns and invariables and that antimatter is the mirror image of matter. And when a particle of matter is introduced to its mirror image, they turn into nothing and a huge amount of energy is released. (Please no physics lectures. I understand my rudiment butchering of Einstein’s work).

He explained about some principle where: there are two waves of energy maybe electrical and magnetic that are intertwined together. When he said this, it occurred to me that maybe thought energy is magnetic, and emotional energy is electrical, (or vice versa) and that matter is the literal manifestation of all thoughts and emotions.

Going with this theory, it occurred to me that I do use this principle when I am working with clients. What if there were two kinds of manifestations. What if everything is the product of an emotion supported by a thought or a thought supported by an emotion? Say for instance someone is sad and there is a reason or thought that supports the sadness. What if you introduced the mirror image of this to them and used it to just dissipate the whole issue? What if a positive thought supported by an emotion is similar to anti matter and will destroy the original emotion? I have done this and it works.

The mirror image of a sadness supported by a weak thought is a strong thought supported by a positive emotion. When I used this technique, it surprises people and brings them right out of a funk. It seems that the byproduct is clarity.

Take a sad thought that someone lays on you. They are expecting you to add a sad thought to it like sympathy and make it even a heavier shroud for them to cocoon themselves in. For example my boyfriend broke up with me. The person is telling you this in anticipation of the sympathy they will accrue from sharing.

Instead of giving them sympathy, give them a strong thought supported by an emotion.

Instead of saying, I am so sorry which they believe is their right to hear; say something positive. For instance, “Well isn’t that great that you are free of a situation that you knew wasn’t going anywhere and you didn’t have to hurt him. How awesome!” The person will be stunned into silence maybe. To their emotion that is supported by a thought, you introduced its mirror image; a thought supported by an emotion.

The important thing to realize is that your counter-thought MUST be true and MUST be supported by an emotion or else you have just offended them deeply. You could say the same EXACT thing to them and if it isn’t supported by a sincere emotion, then it will not have the effect planned.

Try this with any situation. The key is that the thought has to be true to your knowledge and it has to be supported by an emotion. If you have someone who always complains and tries to get attention for it, practice this technique on them and see if it doesn’t free you of their barrage of negativity. For anything that they throw at you, there is a counter thought with emotion with which to dissipate it.

So here is the equation:

Negative emotion propped on a thought + Positive thought supported with emotion = Freedom

Here are some examples:

  • I am sad because my dog just died.  Counter: You have an angel always by your side now.
  • The town was devastated by a hurricane! Counter: Isn’t it amazing how people pull together in the time of crisis?  (Remember the thought has to be supported by the emotion to work.)
  • Life is just getting harder and harder. Counter: People are becoming so strong from their experiences.

I am not certain if my physics theory is sound or not, I just know that I help people dissipate their issues in a relatively short time. I know it isn’t magic. I know it isn’t as far-fetched as people who don’t understand the process may think. I know that I tune into people at a very profound level and if they don’t understand or are invested in their issues, they may fear the process. But people who I have helped realize the one simple truth, what I do is done out of Love and that Love is a conduit for its success.

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