There are those of us who don’t listen to the experts and realize that we just may know more about ourselves that they do. Dieting is a subject that is very personal. If some can be fit and lean, why can’t everyone? There are elements of this issue that may be missing and clinicians may not address correctly. Specifically, these are the emotional component of dieting and a person’s unique individual history with food.

There are two truths to our condition that affect our fat storage that are overlooked. One is that many of us have starved to death in previous lives. The other is that it is a primal instinct to forage for food. I believe one or both of these components come into play with compulsive eating. They can elevate the importance of the next binge to something close to a life and death situation, and that is a strong compulsion to overcome merely with self-discipline.

Biologically and emotionally, fat is a form of insulation. It is soft and expansive and I believe it is what we use as a storing tank for all our emotional issues. It is no different than someone filling their house with “stuff” and then resorting to adding more space by filling the garage and then an outside shed.  I think of overweight people as emotional hoarders now. They carry around their emotional issues and so, for any dieting regime to be successful, they need to let go of emotional stock piles. What makes it worse is when these emotional issues are directly related to starvation and depravity from past lives.

In my private sessions we remove the emotional stockpiles. We pinpoint the cause of emotional issues and just release them without the added drama of sorting out each experience and looking at it from all directions. I think of the  TV show Hoarders and am fascinated with how the person in dire conditions still continues to hang on to every little item. A Healing Session with me is like having that gung ho relative on the scene; the one that helps you throw away truckloads instead of looking at each item piece by piece.

One physical aspect of dieting that is overlooked is a body’s pH level. A healthy body’s pH should be slightly alkaline. Illness can only breed in an acidic body. Positive activities and thoughts as well as green foods help the body’s pH balance to be in a healthy state. But a lot of the foods that we crave are acid forming in the body. When a body is too acidic, it can’t drop the weight because the fat is used as insulation from the body’s own acidity.

Someone who likes using the Atkins diet to lose weight and is doing everything by the book may still not lose weight because of the pH aspect of the body. pH testing strips can be bought at a health food store or pharmacy so that the alkalinity of the body can be tested. The test is as easy as running a small test strip through your urine stream and gauging the color that the strip turns. Yellow is too acidic and blue is alkaline.

An interesting gauge of how successful my sessions are is using a pH strip. I have clients test the acidity of their body before a session and I ask them to test it after a session as well. There is a drastic change in the body from acidic to healthy alkaline from just one session.

So if you are suffering from a lack of results with dieting, my suggestion would be to pick up some pH strips and test the acidity of your body. Do whatever you can to change it back to an alkaline state.  There are supplements like coral calcium that can help you change to a healthy alkalinity. You can change your diet to include more alkaline producing foods (there are guidelines of what foods to eat and avoid on line) and put attention on a more positive disposition and activities. Bring positive experiences and emotions back into your life. And if you are so inclined, have a session with me to release the emotional issues that you have been storing in your fat cells.

By releasing the emotional issues, you will release the need for fat cells. If you have never approached losing weight from this perspective, maybe it is the thing that will help you. You are worthy of help and you are important. Be relentless in your quest for self -love. There is always another step in helping yourself to get there! So don’t give up. Just keep going.

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