If anyone has been craving that spiritual connection that they knew at one point but have lost, the retreat I am hosting May 11th and 12th will get you there. They are a great means for families to come together in their spiritual empowerment without having to ascribe to any dogma. give their allegiance to any group or commit to any agenda.

They are a means for individuals to tap into that greatness that they know they are inside and manifest it in ways and increments that are comfortable to themselves. The love that is unleashed in the process is incredible. There is self love, love for others and Universal love. Whole families have strengthened and bonded by attending.

Many people still don’t really understand what Gaia energy is. It has been used as a buzzword that people now just feel connected to. An easy way to think of Gaia is the female version of God. Since God does not have anatomy, Gaia is personified in all the qualities that a loving nurturing mother or sister would exhibit. Men have these qualities too. But they have been depicted as a negative sometimes.

Gaia is personified in kindness, compassion, nurturing and caring. There is a strength is helping others; it is not a weakness. Gaia is perceptive and all knowing. Mother’s intuition is Gaia and so is encouraging the weak instead of deeming them inconsequential. With Gaia, all things mater, all beings have significance, all are important and all are loved.

If any of these things are missing from your life, your world or your dynamics with others, you most likely will benefit from attending the retreat. You will get a sense of how kindness, communications, compassion and awareness are not at all weak when they are merged with truth. Watch the layers of heavy burden singe off the energy of your fellow attendees in a very short time. The retreat is life changing.

I will love assisting you in owning your incredible potential.

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