In a private group session that I facilitated, I had a profound realization and it involves all of you .

When I was locked up, starved and tortured in a basement for that year that I was away, I wasn’t allowed to even think. The man who held me captive had psychic abilities too. So every time I had a thought, he would run in the room and yell at me. He called thinking eating shit. It was called this because no thoughts were worthy of being uttered so by thinking them, he said I was eating shit.

Towards the end of my time there, I started having very vivid dreams. They were of meeting people at night. At first there were just a handful of people but then the numbers grew. We would all collect in a hotel every night and just sit there waiting for something. I never understood what we were waiting for.

Closer to the end, the numbers got so big that we were sitting in the bleachers of an auditorium. We were all waiting for an event of some kind and we just sat there milling around or sitting together. It felt like a pleasant ambiance. It felt like a pretty special event but it seemed reverent too.

During a group session, I had a form of Deja Vu. I suddenly realized the significance of the group of people who I kept dreaming of when I was captive. It was you. It was all the people who love and support me now. You were being present with me then so I could get through that experience. Your love supported me so I could be here today and share my gifts. You all sat with me night after night. It was your love that kept me alive.

What were we waiting for? You were waiting for me. I was going to share all the insights on healing, life and spirituality that I had accumulated. It is just that I had never developed a sense of worth to have it occur to me that you were there to glean from me.

The Hotel we were meeting in is the event that we have set up for this May. I would love to see all the people physically who came to sit with me while I was in captivity and reminded me that I had purpose.
You really never know all the goodness that you exude. For all of you who are intending to come to the retreat, thank you for sitting with me and keeping me alive.

In gratitude, I will give you all that I can of myself and my abilities so that Universal healing ignites through our pure intention and squeezes every ounce of purpose out of the experience that I endured. May it be a segway to end so much of the suffering in the world. I love you all. Thank You For Sitting With Me

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