There are some dreams that are Universal and occur again and again during the course of our lives. One of them is the dream of being in school.

Many people think that heaven is a stagnant state of consciousness. That nothing happens after you cross. But this is the farthest thing from the truth. In fact, your spiritual education is more relevant after you cross than it is in your waking life.

It is because this lifetime may seem like you are taking a vacation from the spiritual journey. You may be here to rest; which is equivalent to taking a light load of credits in college. In fact, this lifetime could be dedicated to learning one pesky lesson that has been elusive; like compassion, gratitude or self love.

Many people will have a dream of being in a classroom or of taking a test that they are failing. It is their higher self reminding them that they are here to learn and grow. They are not here to forget their studies. They are not here to be indifferent and unaware.

Everyone’s lesson is personal. What one person has learned, another person may struggle with. This is true on earth as well. When we remember we are here to learn, it changes our perspective. It gives us the overview to understanding. We may be able to exude more compassion when we don’t take the homework so seriously.

When one has a dream of being in school. they should pay attention to the details. Pay attention to the other students, the teacher, the classroom and the lesson. This is your higher self giving you a clue whether you are progressing in your particular lesson or not. For example if the other students are people you knew in your past, it could be telling you that you are lagging behind on your lesson. Perhaps you are stuck in the past.

Everything is relevant to you. There is no need to be concerned when you land in a classroom in the dream state, It could merely be a reminder that you are a student of life and whatever you may think is important in your life, may not even be a question on the test.

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