Trees are absolute wisdom. I am highly protective of the plight of trees. They have been forged to a fault. Trees have loved me when no other human could bother. Sometimes I prayed to God and a tree answered.

Last summer, a tree interrupted a remote session that I was facilitating for a dynamic healer. It was being slated to be the next Christmas Tree in New Your City. I could not save it. I do not yet have a great enough voice in the world.

This great being was killed as an act of ignorance. They would do much better if they grew a live tree in their own area and paid homage to it. If there was a cause to take up, it would be the plight of the trees. Trees do not only exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen.

They take in the pain and angst of humans and exchange it for love. The places where there is more insanity and barbaric practices have less trees. Trees are the healer, counselors, sages, poets, nurturers, providers. and confidants. Yet they do it all with so little acknowledgement. The trees are that important. They need to be honored and celebrated.

When I get annoyed at the children screaming outside as they play, I am talked to by the trees who are amused by the boys. They told me that when the children are running and screaming outside, that is no different than the sound healing noises that I do. Children are great healers to themselves and others when they are boisterous.

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