There is some ugly slimy energy personifying human integrity. It is difficult for some people to discern the liars from those who really care. These slimy beings are sub human. They care nothing about the well being of humans and display no compassion. They thrive because they can fool people. They are buried in thick cloaks of illusion and denial. We are starting to be able to see them now. Here is a way to address them.

When a blood sucking leech is attached to your skin and feeding, it isn’t even felt. There is no feeling. They can draw as much blood out of you as they want. Because you don’t know that they are even there or what they are doing. That is what these liar are doing to us energetically. They are depleting our energy force. So many people are in a stupor from it. It is up to us to free others.

The way to get these leeches to release their grip is to pour salt on them. Salt shrivels them up and renders them ineffective. This is a great technique to use when seeing liars. Visualize a liar ripping out of the illusion of their goodness; like the incredible hulk ripping out of their skin. The fact that you can imagine seeing them in their true form is like pouring salt on them and will shrivel them up. It is that simple.

It seems like dealing in fantasy. But it is fantasy to exist and try to thrive in a world where lying and abusing power is systemic. If someone has integrity, this technique will do them no harm. Bit if someone is a sub human in ethics and is duping and milking people of their energy, this is a way to address them, You can even actually imagine pouring energetic salt on them. It will make their true form visible to all and weaken them.

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