Wouldn’t it be great if an individual could share all of their passion with others so that they could rise to the same occasion? It would uplift all of humanity. Isn’t that what Martin Luther King Jr did with his passionate speeches? Princess Diana inspired the world with her graciousness and kindness. Rosa Parks seemed to gift humanity with her courage. The world responded and shifted.

It is an easy process of sharing. If two phones can share information by being next to each other, why can’t two individuals? We actually do it all the time. But people are limited to their linear beliefs. So negate all the experiences that happen to them in exponential existence.

Even the most sacred experience of love is downgraded in a linear timeline. All the rules that are applied to love make it nearly impossible for someone to receive it if they are adhering to linear rules.So many feel rejected and like a failure because of this

By linear rules, you must love one person to fall in love. Falling in love is someone actually experiencing their exponential reality in the linear timeline. You must love family. Even if they treat you poorly and hate you. It is wrong if you love yourself. The reason that it is set up that you don’t love or value yourself is because if you do, you are more apt to understand the spontaneous experience of being ignited into exponential existence.

But it needs to happen. All must relinquish the chains of a limited linear reality if we are going to transcend as a species. We are all watching the choke hold of linear limitations now. Many talk about the limitations all the time. Some are trapped in obsessing over current events. It is like a dying man focusing on taking his next breath. But that is what we are all doing,,,,taking our last breath in linear existence.

It is inevitable that we evolve. We are now like those first sea creatures that finally walked up on land and discovered a greater world of freedom in evolving beyond just the sea. .We are evolving beyond the limitations of linear reality. We are stepping into an exponential world where all are ignited in passion and truth is once again relevant.

In exponential existence, love is prevalent and integrity and truth are a mainstay. There is value to all beings and the multi level of worthiness is obsolete. Purpose is found in sharing your gifts. The joy of doing something one loves is expounded in sharing. This mainstay replaces being enslaved to money or competition that happens in linear existence.

Everyone is too busy doing what they love and sharing their gifts to have the energy or inclination to judge, or diminish others. The sharing of what one loves is the norm. It self regulates moral conduct. It replaces the need for a monetary system.

People who are reading this can gauge how trapped they are in linear existence or how free they are in exponential reality by how they respond to it. Those who accept it easily, are perhaps already experiencing such freedom. Those that have trouble with this are still immersed in a linear reality and can not see the upgrade in consciousness.

All is well. We will all get there. But just as one individual can change the course of the world, I use my intention to expound everyone into exponential existence. I am the phone that is held out to share its data with the next phone. Yet I share it will all inhabitants, This is what female empowerment affords me. What would never easily occur to male energy to do, female energy does easily. Male holds onto the boundaries of the self as tightly as an insecure tyrant. Female energy expands her intention to nurture all life.

Perhaps having male energy so concentrated right now affords female energy the ability to dominate the expansiveness of the opposite pole of giving right now. Perhaps the reason for male energy doing what it is doing right now is so that I in female empowerment can do what I do. As male energy is abusing itself with humanity at its mercy, perhaps female energy is free to expound all her awareness onto the masses to create the evolutionary shift necessary. Female energy is free to nurture all and abide by her natural inclinations.

So here I am expanding my energy to gift to anyone who is willing to partake. I expand my consciousness (love) to permeate the whole planet and to gift anyone who is receptive to the sanctity of truth and love. May one feel inspired, healed, rejuvenated, awakened, benevolent, worthy and gracious to all life. May all be grateful to the experience of existing. May anyone and everyone, as they are inspired, stretch themselves across the world. May we all offer new hope and freedom to the land and free all of judgement and control.


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