The old concept of world peace being a form of communism is falling away to a creative renaissance where everyone is too busy, doing what they love, sharing their gifts and enjoying their empowerment to judge or bully others. You may want to come to my next retreat.. We will be creating the vibration of Universal peace and seeding the world with it. The reason there has been no hint of peace is because all the seeds of peace have been destroyed. We need to replant them. Just like you couldn’t grow flowers without seeds, you can’t nurture and grow world peace without an initial seed. We will be creating  seeds of world peace and lovingly but dynamically sending them out into the world at the Exponential Empowerment Expo

After the last retreat; which was my first retreat, the Guides were celebrating on the other side of the veil. They had worked so relentlessly to get earth to this place in its evolution where the consciousness of the planet could receive the high vibratory rate of Healing and Love. The Guides told me earth is so important because it is the heart chakra of the Universe. The Light came streaming through the window, everyone in the restaurant was drawn to our table and there was a celebratory feeling exuding from everyone. It was a profound moment.

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