Humans were meant to outflow. It is an innate part of our energetic mechanism. Imagine a sun that didn’t radiate heat or a starburst that didn’t emanate light?  That is what happens with humans who have been handed everything since birth and don’t realize that just receiving goes against their base nature as energy systems. They become stagnant in their lack of outflow. Worry is a by-product of not out flowing. It is the person stewing and ruminating in this energy that is meant to be shared. There is a lot of resistance built up around out flowing once the natural process has been interrupted.

What ever we do in the day, it would be in one’s self interest to start out flowing when possible. It doesn’t have to be magnanimous. Putting out birdseed, caring for a plant, listening to friend who is excited about a new venture or merely sending out pure loving thoughts to all of life. Just by starting your day with the intention to outflow can make a huge shift in your own energy and how you feel. The worry can be replaced with uplifting thoughts of ways to help yourself, those around you and the world. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easily the focus on your life can be shifted from being self absorbed (taking everything in)  or being self centered (being the center of the Universe that gives out to all those in its orbit) 

Being self centered is a more natural state of grace. It is not even a morality thing. It is not about being good. This is an over simplification. Out flowing  is survival, as a dynamic energy being. The more you command your center, the more that you will command all of life to align in their own gravitational field of being selflessly self centered.

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