Your own balance should be sacred to you. It is your true altar to Source. The connection to the Divine only happens in the moment. You only connect to the moment through your center. Your balance determines your ability to thread the needle of self and connect to the Divine through the moment.

All the issues, gossips, complaints, commiserating, and playing the victim are merely distractions from standing on the altar to the Divine. You matter. You matter in such a great way that so many negative forces have converged to prevent you from realizing your importance.

You work for the Divine or you work as a sabotage to the Divine; depending upon how reverent you are to your own self. This is what Self Realization is. So many people are brushing Self realization. It is time to amp up your intention. You are here for a reason. You are here to love and outflow. It all happens through reverence for the self.

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