The reason why professional athletes go down hill after a couple of seasons is because they are in warrior mode. When they are at the beginning of a career they are the invincible warrior. But after they get injured it conjures up primal memories of being taken down in battle. It shakes their confidence. They start to replay the primal tapes of how they were killed or injured in battle. They lose confidence.

These tapes of their demise must be interrupted and the tapes of being invincible can be reintroduced. I can do this in my work with someone. If you are a professional athlete that understands that hint of doubt that I am talking about, I would Love to work with you.

There are so many great athletes that I would love to work with. So many careers end prematurely when it isn’t necessary. The work I do works deeper than a psyche out session. It works at a deep level beyond primal programming and beyond all reactionary responses. It cleans out one’s psyche at the soul level. This includes past failures, imposed curses, self sabotages and other residual limitations that have been superimposed in one’s energy field.

If you have ever had someone tell you that you would fail, that would be a curse. All kinds of things that can be a limitation can also be removed. Even being withheld love and and nurturing as a child can be infused in the child that was you.

If you want to up your game and willing to try an unconventional session of releasing all your past limitations, failures, injuries and even deaths, I am the Shaman for you.

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