I recently facilitated a private remote session with a client. She just felt diluted. That was not her words but what I felt as I tuned into her. She is very aware and very plugged in energetically. So it was a mystery to why she was not feeling more “enlightened”.

In the session, the days of the pharaohs and pyramids came up. Many people have been tuning into those times lately with good feelings. But good feelings was not what I was getting from tuning into this woman. It was just the opposite.

The truth I tuned into was that the gods were not here to care for us.. They were here to thoroughly enslave the masses and prevent them us from reaching our spiritual and physiological potential. This resonated with her as I led her through the taps to release her from being enslaved to “the Gods”.

The diluted feeling she was experiencing was the training she (we) received at the hands of the gods. They taught us to send our energy out into the sky as we worshiped (among other things) and diluted our effectiveness. Their training has kept humanity in primal mode. It has been a tedious process undoing their thorough indoctrination to limitations.

The “fix” to this is to consciously take our energy back. See ourselves, each as the center of the Universe. Draw from our own well, the “I Am that I Am” of ourselves. Nurture that sacred connection to the divine within as the altar of God. May all those who interact with us, feel the reverence of honor, dignity and respect. This includes all plants, animals and objects of life as well as fellow people.

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