The concept of power is hardly ever explored but in actuality, it is what drives most people. Some people associate it with freedom, some are afraid of abusing it and some people treat it as a commodity.

Throughout our past lives we have at times both abused power and felt powerless. It is easy to tell which a person is grappling with in this life by their behavior. Those of us who have played the power game and have acted out the scenarios of war and abuse in many lifetimes, are interested in nothing more than peace. Those of us who are digging in our heels and afraid of being subjugated either have a fear of losing power or a have a thirst for more.

I think if there is an evil, it would be in using others’ fear to manipulate them into giving up what little power they have in exchange for the illusion of having more.

Once someone gives up their rights, it is much more difficult to get them back. Health, peace of mind, and even fresh water were once the norm. But now to have any one of those, we have to work diligently. We have created a society that has given up so much peace in the quest for power. As a group we have given our power over to modern medicine, big business and special interest groups.

The only means of keeping a sense of self is to pull away from the herd mentality and challenge every custom, law, thought and modern trend. Many people have even given up the ability to do this. As a whole, society is happy to dumb down their ability to think and do for themselves. If this was not true, society would fix education, it would delve into truth instead of turning every news show into a talk show, it would value free thinkers instead of labeling them as strange or even crazy. Then only appreciating them in hind sight.

Throughout history people who valued nature and fought against big companies were labeled radicals or crazy. Science documents the consciousness of animals, plants and trees and yet society as a whole refutes anything that interferes with the interests of man. Man is still interested in subjugating others through economics, religion, fear and any means possible. In the larger scheme, man is still a barbarian; only a more efficient one.

In a better society, people would not be stripping the world of everything that is of value and hoarding it from self-interest. Everyone would be of equal value and everyone would value themselves. Children learn the value of their own power through social status, athletic ability and attractiveness. The rich, the jocks, and the pretty people all carry around their golden tickets and the rest of us just fall around them in comparison. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the person with the greatest value to society was one who was able to set themselves apart from the crowd by being unique?

The two best ways to avoid being used as a pawn in other people’s power plays are to think for one’s self and to be one’s self. Stop giving in to subtle peer pressure. Share a point of view that is neither right or left but uniquely one’s own. Use your life to express what is beautiful to you. See the beauty instead of being afraid of your uniqueness.

There will no longer be power mongers when all individuals express themselves from their unique points of view gained from their own experience. When we all take back our power, power will be spread more evenly throughout the land.

Instead of rallying against others, realize that they are merely on a different learning curve when it comes to power. You have had the opportunity to abuse power in past lives. This may be their time to learn that lesson now. There is no need to engage them. Just merely allow them to learn from their own mistakes in their own time.

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