Do you see them?

The power plays and manipulation that render so many helpless
Do you hear them?
The cries of the dejected, abandoned and depraved.
Do you know them?
Those who would abuse others for their own gain.
Do you regard them?
With polite banter in fear of being disdained or rejected?
Do you empower them?
With a false agreement that renders you helpless?
Do you grow weary?
Of supporting those who call you away from your essence.

Do you want to regain your voice?
Do you want to regain your empowerment?
Do you want to regain your trusting nature?

See Love unscathed beyond all lies
Hear laughter and merriment beyond the cries of anguish
Acknowledge only kindness and goodness
Dry up all else
Siphon off the alternative fuel of disdain
Dry up the manipulation, anger and greed
Withdrawing all your acknowledgment of them
Do this not in ignorance but awareness.
Do it not in hate garbed as contempt
But compassion for the grain of love that is trapped in the power.
Undetected as the original grain of sand that prompted the creation of the pearl.
Remember the sweetness of the child while ignoring its temper tantrum
Withdraw your niceties from the crust
Convert contempt to kindness
Redirect to the receptive unaware
Those shackled to apathy like a second layer of skin.
Skin them of the illusion of unworthiness
Reveal the true nature of the soul
These are the things to listen for
These are the things to perceive
This is how to redirect your energy
These are the things to acknowledge before they manifest.
This is you gaining empowerment
Gaining your voice
Reclaiming Love
and reconnecting with Source

Jen Ward 8/8/15

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