Writing off certain demographics under a label curses them to be what that label depicts. They are the ones that I write to because they are trapped in an illusion that has been foisted on them. They have been tortured and invalidated too. But not quite enough for them to learn the lesson of compassion and to break through the facade. It hasn’t bled through the galvanized cocoon of their one life conditioning.

We must hold on to their core goodness and rip them out of the amniotic sack of bullshit that is their comfort zone, Simply by speaking truth and love directly at them. This is how I help to shift the energy of the collective. By loving them beyond their defilement. The defilement of self righteous, arrogance, entitlement and ignorance.

They are not this at the core. They are scared and distorted. When people of faith look so bright and shiny, they are many times intentionally pumping this energy up to the surface to maintain a sense of goodness. The act of pushing it on others keeps this energy pumped at the surface. Kind of like a foam on the glass of beer. That is why those who preach to others MUST preach to others. To maintain the illusion.

But if they were made to sit in their own state without forcing it on others, you would see their true state underneath. That is when the foam would dissipate. That is when the scandals are seen and you see that those that judge are sometimes more deviant than those who accept themselves as flawed. It may even be formula that the more people push an agenda and judgement on others, the more they are compensating for their own flaws.

There is honestly no one that I feel better than or more entitled than. I am a bad ass in my writing and healing abilities and capacity to love. But I am do not believe I deserve the things that bring joy, love, abundance or wholeness more than any other soul in existence. This is a more accurate depiction of humility. To accept your own greatness and yet see the greatness in every other soul as well.

By doing this, we are raising the bar of accountability and empowerment on all individuals. Instead of lowering everyone to a sub par vantage point. By expecting this false humility from everyone, humanity is being deduced to a sub par energetic minimum wage.

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