I figured out the correlation between judgement and people who still believe that they only live one life. Do people realize that this belief, that we only live once, was instilled during the dark ages as a form of control? You can see the different fiber of those who are entrenched in the belief of only one life and those that have gone past that belief. It is the difference between huddling in the darkness or opening a door and venturing out into the light.

If I believed I only had one life, I would be more panicked about making this one count. If I felt confined by the restrictions on this life, I would feel cheated and desperate about what I did not have and others had. I would be petty and resentful. I would feel unworthy; that would be my option, I would try to salvage all that I can from this lifetime by putting all my hopes in an afterlife. It would be my saving grace to salvage the disappointments in this life.

I would cling more desperately to the hopes of a better after life. I would panic that I may be wrong in my fantasies of a better afterworld. I would want to reassure myself by making sure everyone else believed the way I did. I would desperately want that reassurance; so would look for it in people of authority; like my politicians. I would judge others who didn’t believe like me. I would reject any talk of there being more than one life because that would burst my bubble of having a better afterlife for suffering in this one.

I would take to judging others who didn’t believe as I did and demonize them just to shut them up and to keep up the facade that helps me get through this existence. I would pull them down to my laws and standards. I would desperately need others to believe as I do so that I can feel secure about my assessments. I would demonize those who did not. I would ridicule others who were multi-life believers. Not because they were bad people but because their viewpoint put a monkey wrench in my ideal of the world.

This is where we are in the world. SO many of us have awakened to our own past and so have reassurance of our continuation. Others belief system has conditioned them to block out all that they once were and put all their hopes and dreams into this life. To overcompensate for this limited vantage point, they overcompensate by making laws and assumptions to bind all people to their limited beliefs.

Those of us who have “been there, done that” have incredible compassion for their learning curve. What we don’t have compassion for is that learning curve being exploited by those in power to wield control over others. There are some incredibly visible hypocrites using what is sacred in others to use them as pawns for ill gain. It is despicable to observe.

All people are becoming savvy enough to see past the lies and ill intentions of others with an agenda for them. The cloak of illusion is falling away. We are slated to come out of the dark ages. As everyone approaches the light of their own limitless self, may they know that the freedom is worth breaking through the fear, control and facade. The love is incredible when you embrace yourself as an ancient being. Please feel the love.

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