Everything we do can be done as a meditative or contemplative state to bring more love and awareness into our lives. They key is simply doing it with more conscious intention.

For example:

When one is bathing they can visualize washing away negative thought forms from themselves.
When one speaks, they can think of each word as a burst of positive or negative energy that they are adding into the environment. They can speak with the intention of only adding positive energy to the whole.
When one is driving home, they can feel the communion of all the other drivers and treat them with the reverence of leaving church.
When one eats, they can visualize the love being extracted out of the food and sending it to all the cells of their body. They can send gratitude back to the sponsors of their meal; the earth and the plants.
When anything unusual happens during the day, one can treat it like a dream message and interpret it’s meaning.
When one is doing something that they don’t enjoy, visualize how much worse conditions may have been in past eras and be grateful for the contrast.
When one is relaxing, imagine themselves resting in the arms of love. When someone offers you anything uplifting, see it as a gift from the Universe and accept graciously. When one is walking their dog, they can realize how they feel when they are enjoying their favorite past time and allow the pet the space to enjoy themselves unhindered by control.
When loving one’s children, one can imagine one’s self as a child as well and realize it is nurturing one’s self by nurturing them.

This is a way to make the whole day richer and to enliven the lives of those around us more than we already do.

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