You are a miracle of the infinite dipped in physical form. There is no need to choke on physical thoughts, drown in physical emotions or be paralyzed in physical existence. No. You are so capable of being loving and expressing yourself in the physical world while never missing a step of a beautiful dance with the infinite.

You are like a paintbrush who never gets confused into believing it is the paint. You are the instrument of such artistry of kindness using a palette of the most coarse vibrations that the Universe supplies as a palette. You do this all with maintaining your flexibility and resilience. You are not one to dry up and get stiff in a jar. That is not your fate, my friend.

You have learned the trick of dipping yourself often into the infinite well of kindness and love. You spread yourself more fluidly and effortlessly and leave a trail of your wonder wherever you go. Your colors are exquisitely expressed through all that you choose to partake of. Your life is a gallery of masterpieces signed with your own artistry. Be bold and confident and take ownership of all that you do.

The secret is in dipping into the well. It has always been that simple.

The Elephant in the Room

You really can't honestly speak about truth without breaching the taboo in our society. The concept of reincarnation. People are starving for truth but it has to be tempered so as not to step on people's belief system. The problem is that the current belief system of...

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