Don’t you see the process?

Society has robbed us of our right to be special

They make us conform

Look, think and live alike.

We are bursting at the seams to express our uniqueness.

Starving to be acknowledged as the starburst we are.

It is not easy to stuff omnipotence into skin

And zip it up with fear and mandates

Demanding that it deny its own depth.

Forcing it to decorate the box to be noticed.

But that is the violation that happens billions of times over

They demand that you stay stuffed in your skin

And poke all of your vantage point from limited lens of human eyes

From a limited slant of within the crowd.

Standing on your tip toes to see above the crowd

Forgoing trying to be heard in a sea of monotony

Losing your voice in a maze of debates and conjectures

When is the last time you sang?

Communed with the trees?

Acknowledged your ancient brothers and sisters; the stars?

When is the last time you slipped out of your skin?

Stretched your wings?

And returned with an insight to pull others out of complacency?

Oh, you are in pain?

How could you not be?

But why are you obsessed with it?

Being stuffed in a box would cause pain to any omniscient being

Worshiping the angst is further assault to your passion

You don’t need to use it to feel special.

Let go of the fear that keeps you crouched in complacency

Stop hiding your greatness behind obsessions of the senses

Don’t you realize that pain is merely a road map to how you stuffed yourself into the box?

Don’t you see that everyone is in pain.

It doesn’t go away by paying it homage.

Relax your atoms, spread your greatness.

Dissolve the box,

Discover the secrets of the wind, rain and mountains

Realize you don’t have to fixate on getting out of the box

Or keeping others in theirs

Expand your awareness to be in all things at once

Compassion will no longer fester on your skin into self pity

But will become the balm of honey to soothe the indifference

of a forgotten greatness.

See the greatness in all

Forgo the obsession with pain.

Dream the greatest dream

Realize its reality

That is what you were made to do:

Spill your essence all over Humanity

And leave a water ring of love in the hearts of the hopeless

Until they pour out and combine their wonder

Then pain and struggle and ugly chains of indifference

Will be melted back into the love.

You are free. You have always been and will always be

Simply remember


Jen Ward 4/4/17

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