Recently I facilitated a session with a woman who was very distressed. Her daughter; who she adores; was planning on taking a vacation and not including her. She was heart broken at being left home. It was causing excruciating emotional pain.

Coinciding with this interaction was a reoccurring dream she was having. She was on a craggy shoreline with the waves were violently coming to shore. She was looking for her daughter and her grand daughter. They got separated in the chaos of the storm.

I have seen this inner scene in other people who are convinced that they are experiencing their last days on the continent Lemuria or Atlantis. My client is very sensible and balanced. She is included so much in her daughter’s life that this over sight may seem like an overreaction. But the outer circumstances are merely a trigger of an life and death scenario that the woman had experienced with her daughter. The vacation was merely a means of drawing the issue to the surface so the woman can release it on a very deep level.

After the woman’s session, she could see how she was projecting abandonment and loss issues onto her daughter. After the issue was released in her session, she reported that she could now look at her daughter as a blank slate. Now all that is reflected back to her is an incredible deep love and appreciation for having her daughter in her life.

When we over react to situations, it isn’t at all an overreaction but a memory of a trauma from the past. By realizing the correlation with the past, we are able to let go of it’s severe significance in the present. We can be more free.

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