One of my clients wrote to me because life was handing her a bunch of circumstances to deal with. The one issue that was overwhelming her was a dental issue. I was about a “dead” tooth that they wanted to remove and she didn’t know what to do. She tried a couple of alternative solutions but they were not helping. In feeling a little overwhelmed she said, “I am doing everything I can, What else can I do? “

This was my response to her?

Have you sent Love to the tooth?

Have you talked to it and told it that it is important to you?

Have you sent love to all the roots of that tooth and coated them in a special protection healing oil (orange) that prevents them from firing pain?

Have You told your tooth that you love it, appreciate it, asked for forgiveness and thanked it?

Have you visualized a little microscopic vacuum cleaner going into the root system and vacuuming out all the emotional issues that are collected in this tooth’s pathways?

Have you went in to the structure of the tooth and given love to every single cell involved and validated them with Love and Light?

When we think we have done everything that we can. go back and look at the issue from the issue’s point of view. All life responds to approval and love. At the very least, it will give you a vacation from the old vantage point.

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