Dear Leaders,

Since your job may be removed from life of the average person, you may be slightly off target about what the public requires from you.  I feel compelled to enlighten you.

There’s a general understanding that you got into the position of leadership by using your special skill set that brought you a certain advantage. We appreciate you trying to make a positive difference in the world, if this is truly your goal. But we understand that there are negative currents that you are riding in and it is difficult for most to stay true to their conviction as they strive for such a position of importance. More and more, we citizens of the world are feeling like pawns in the power plays of others. This leaves us angry and we compensate by sniping at our neighbor rather than creating solutions that work for all of us. Can we get back to a place of cohesiveness please? We need to be validated and respected.

Also, we, the people, have become very savvy. We know  what we want in the world and we are frustrated by our lack of voice, inability to articulate, and a growing belief that we are more well-rounded and aware than you. This is a by-product of being manipulated by power brokers that get politicians into positions of power, being pitted against each other, having our sacred doctrines desecrated for political gain, being lied to, and being taken for granted for way too long.

As you have been doing your thing, we the people have been doing ours. We have been evolving, gaining awareness, observing, and sizing up the state of the world and our place in it. We are no longer able to stand on the sidelines and play the game that your kind has set up. We choose to play a different game. It is one of ethics, equal consideration, fairness, and inclusion. We have been trying to hold fast to a more perfect union but find it difficult sometimes. So here is what the people, the general people, know and expect of their leaders. If you are compelled to comply, then you are in the right position and we will trust you to do the job at hand.

Please don’t use the position as a feather in your cap in a long line of accomplishments. We are offended by men of accomplishment who are bored with their life; becoming elected as a boost to their ego and wallet. We can tell the difference between someone who serves out of a sense of duty and one who serves for personal gain. We know the difference between a figurehead and someone who thinks for themselves.  Serving for personal gain diminishes your otherwise great legacy and the office that you serve as well.

Please don’t pit us against each other in the competitive ring of politics.  We resent our lives being scrutinized as political points for advancement. We understand that there are differences amongst us as individuals but we are tired of hate mongers demonizing those we stand next to in a nation of brothers. Attacking other citizens creates a schism within our society and is great for power plays but not so great for world peace. We want to see civility, respect, and integrity infused back into the system. We want to be proud to be represented by people with these characteristics.

Please don’t use our sacred texts in power ploys to drive us to anger, fear and frustration. Our texts are meant to create a state of peace within us and to teach us to Love our neighbor. To use what we believe as a selling point for you is despicable.  It is beneath us all. Let’s use our individual morality codes as common ground and not another device to divide us.

Please don’t tell us what we believe, because it is what you believe. We have not come to our convictions lightly. They are ingrained in us and felt as deeply as yours may be. We all have a personal journey and legacy that got us to this point in time. Please don’t discredit ours and say yours is the only way. We are too vested in our personal experience and freedom. We as a group give the most value to others when we as individuals are valued.

Please rule with compassion for all. There are very sensitive souls amongst us who are empathetic to the plight of others. It is a growing number. We physically feel the pain of others being tortured and suffering in hunger and other plights of poverty. Please have your policies reflect kindness to all beings. Maybe only a small percentage of us recognize that we are feeling the physical pain of others, but I assure you, we all are feeling it in our own ways. It is excruciating. Please ease the pain and burden of the people by easing the pain and burden of their brethren as much as possible. Please never concede that inflicting pain on others is necessary. When you do this, you weaken the moral fiber of humanity.

Please empower our children and acknowledge all kinds of types of learning. Those called to the art of teaching need to have the freedom to conform their methods to the student rather than throwing away generation and generations of children because they are unable to conform to present practices. Our children are our richest resource and a failure to nurture their creativity, individuality, minds, potential and importance is like throwing away gold. When we disregard children’s potential, we enslave them and ourselves in mediocrity.

There are so many other forms of abundance besides monetary gain. Let’s start putting a value on personal freedom, expression, opportunity, creativity, peace and self-worth.  When everyone is appreciated and respected and has a means to contribute, then their worth is measurable to themselves and others. Let’s work on creating a space for everyone in the global community and get out of the victim consciousness.

Stop distracting the people with a smokescreen of pseudo-moral issues as a means to deflect the horrible job that is being done on their behalf. Stop the hypocrisy of saying you want the government out of a people’s affairs and then inflict a synthetic moral code on them. Stop telling them who to love, how to procreate and how inept they are. People have an internal morale compass. It is not their morality that you are in charged with but the security of the group.

We don’t appreciate the idea that our taxes support a ruling power that creates a dependency on government assistance by not creating a means for individuals to empower themselves. The dependency that is presently in place is conditioned and so we appreciate abolishing programs that don’t work. They rob people of their right to have purpose. To create dependency and then to belittle those with less fortitude for independence is cruel and abusive.  There is enough intelligence and awareness to create ways for every citizen to be empowered, if the power mongers lose their footing. So please let’s work on ways for all to contribute.

This is what we need you to work on and be dedicated to. We all deserve the right to shine, be appreciated, advance and be proud. Please don’t set us up as enemies in our own nations. Please don’t compartmentalize us as a means of controlling us. Please work on using love and conquering power.

We the people are much savvier than you give us credit for. Please stop trying to control us by the archaic means of fear and division. You will find that respect and acknowledgement and common sense go much farther.

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