It is an interesting predicament that one man has put us in. Today we have become the country that is ruled by a bigot. This is how we are now defined on the world stage. After all the leadership, character, exemplary service and benevolence that this country has accrued through history, it is disintegrated in an instant by an open Nazi sympathizer.

This man who now openly agrees with the horrifying and ruthless acts of violence and prejudice against people of color or different ethnicity, is our leader. It has not sunk in yet. It has changed all of our identity by association. Many of us had a sense of his true character. But he is so arrogant in his positions of power, that he blatantly stated it in an act of defiance to us all.

He desecrates humanity with his belligerent and haughty acts of indifference against morality. If we stand by and do nothing to oust him out of office, we are agreeing to be Nazi sympathizers as well. I am not, and will not give my energy or allegiance to such a man or cause. So many elected officials may not realize that they are showing weakness and indifference if they do not act to remove him from office. Even if they do give lip service to distance themselves from him. It is not enough to save face the eyes of those he offends.

It is deplorable that any person that holds public office can sleep tonight knowing this is who we have become as Americans by association. We have all watched amused and interested as he slipped past our radar and was allowed to take hold in our government. This is similar to how the third Reich gained power.

If our elected officials do not start action to remove this man from office, then they are showing either a lack of character, lack of awareness or lack of interest. They are revealing their weakness as an opportunist and betraying the American people. There is no defense of this.

Political lies and currying favor have become accepted as the norm. But extending this behavior into the debauchery of condoning a Nazi sympathizer is worse than deplorable. This is not the America I was born into. How dare anyone of merit have the audacity to look the other way and allow this one flawed pathetic person to hold sovereign over us all. There is no defense of his character.

Yes, I see his goodness as an individual. I even was rooting for him. But as a world leader he is a monster. He shows no love for the law, no respect for others; except ruthless dictators, those who curry his favor and those who shamelessly stroke his ego. He demonstrates no appreciation for those who serve, or the country; other that lip service which has been ambiguous. He demonstrates no responsibility, integrity or honesty. He has run goodwill into the ground and squandered the luxury of us giving him the benefit of doubt.

I am not fake news. I am not a democrat. I am not the alt left. I am an American. It is important to so many faceless Americans that this still stands for something. Please use your position of authority as a group of elected officials as a group to oust this abomination out of office. Let us scrub clean our position on the world stage while we still have time.

If you do nothing, you are showing the world what you are made of. Or what you are not made of. You are downgrading the worth of American clout. It is appalling that someone like myself, of little status and stature is pushed to the wall to speak for the silent majority because none in a position of substance will to do so. I, as a surrogate for humanity, deplore you to act.

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