Dear DCCC,

You keep sending me e-mails asking for my support and a donation. You are using scare tactics of how devastating a world with Trump as president will be. You try to shame me into giving more support to you by telling me that President Obama and even Michele and Vice president Joe Biden are begging for my support. You try to make me feel like I am letting you down. You have all let me down.

I gave you my enthusiasm and support when I naively thought that you were the fair and just party. But the “scales have fallen from my eyes”. I was so dedicated to your party when I thought it was about helping all people and fighting for the needs of the masses. But your hellbent determination to prop up a figurehead who is unpopular and deemed untrustworthy is a huge disappointment. You are disappointed in me for a lack of support. I am disappointed in you for your indifference to what your grass roots is telling you.

I do not support Hillary Clinton. I do not care if she has the female anatomy to make history as the first female president. There are not enough barbs in that one feather; in her cap; to make her the choice of the people. I find her demeanor of self-entitlement offensive, I find her indifference to the concerns of the common person palpable, her message of low expectations discouraging, her foreign policy judgments in foreign policy questionable, her advocating of Fracking scary, and the fact that big business is backing her; terrifying.

So what you are doing by offering us Hillary Clinton as the only option other than Trump is playing “chicken” with our vote. You know the people are savvy. You know we choose Bernie. You know that he is the only candidate that is in the race for the right reason. Yet you ignore the obvious. It is blatant to those who have been loyal to The Democratic Party that you have sold out just as egregiously as the republicans have. That is why so many people are apathetic this election. The party of justice that we thought that you are, is
make-believe. THAT is why you are not raising the funds that you hoped for.

Trying to intimidate us by saying Obama is begging for our support does not work. Obama and Biden both had the chance to endorse Bernie. They know his heart, integrity, qualifications, and tenacity. But by them endorsing Hillary, they merely reinforced our disillusionment in the “system”. They basically told the American people that politics is a good ole boy club and Hillary is the man for the job.

So, in having Bernie dismissed so easily and seeing the strings pulled against him, you have demonstrated to the American people that democracy is dead. Let’s face it. Democracy is dead and buried. Now it is a matter of choosing between two different power machines vying for the brass ring. The American people are trying to choose which side will do less damage.

One side will erode individual equality and erode the progress that has been made in protecting personal freedom thus far. But your side has demonstrated such indifference to the passionate choice of the people that we are immersed in an apathetic stupor and left not caring which candidate wins. In fact, there is a primal part of us that actually believes that you deserve to lose badly to Trump; that that is the justice that you deserve for shoving Hillary down our throats

Your minimizing the passion of the Bernie supporters and painting them as a handful of hopefuls was a very wrong move. The passion of the Bernie voters was the only spark that you had. I don’t care that Hillary is a female. She does not smack of having an iota of the passion or compassion that Bernie has. Bernie is more equipped to advocate woman’s rights even without the proper genital to back it.

So enjoy your convention. The only part of it I am looking forward to listening to is the part where Bernie speaks. I don’t care to hear Hillary. In fact, her voice is abrasive and when I see her I am simply reminded that democracy is dead. That is what Hillary evokes for me; the death of democracy. By shoving Hillary down our throats you have dampened our spirits and deliver us into the hands of a dictator mentality. We understand what is happening here. You have overestimated our ability to be manipulated.

So let’s continue to play this game of “chicken” where democracy dies and the will of the people lose. Just understand that we hold you responsible and not ourselves. You can buy up all the media you want saying otherwise. You can pay all the people off you want to feign widespread support for Hillary. But just so you know, the American people are more savvy than you think, and you did indeed let us down.

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