Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking a lot of flack for deflating the statement “Make America Great Again. He challenged the statement by asking; when has America been great. Many people got angry with this.

He is actually infusing higher consciousness into the political system. He took a phrase that was charged with psychic energy and deflated it. By doing that, the energy of anger that was infused in the statement to target the enemy, turned on him. It is all a reactionary process. But it is important to understand what is happening.

Politics is all about psychic manipulation. Governor Cuomo bravely stuck a pin in an inflated issue and freed people who are being manipulated by it. They did not like it, because part of the psychic manipulation has a feel good aspect.

War cries are meant to keep people trapped in primal mode. In hearing them, the crowd adopts a knee jerk reaction that prevents them from thinking for themselves. People who adopt the phrase “make America great again, are trapped in primal mode when they are caught up in the chant.

What Governor Cuomo did was brave. Truth is the puncture point to manipulation. As unpopular as it seems to be to say, it is true that America is not great as long as there is an aspect of humanity that is demoralized under its umbrella.

So instead of saying “lets make America great again, a more accurate statement is, lets make America great once and for all. The emphasis is on “for all”.

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