I know it must seem frustrating and scary to having such a reaction to life. But I see people with mental health issues as dynamic people who are opting out of the linear timeline of this reality and are embracing their exponential selves. Perhaps a little bit too much for those who covet the linear world that we live in. Of course there are imbalances, but they can be more rectified by someone who can be in exponential reality with the person who is struggling and can ease them back into a linear perception enough to function.

Because to many of us, the linear existence doesn’t make sense. Where guns are worshiped over people and rudeness is more socially acceptable than kindness. When hate and segregation are mandated from the highest office and those of us who benefit from the loving exchange of our elders ( the trees) are demonized. To us, mental illness seems like more of a sane response than the ignorance, contempt and denial that is prevalent these days.

It seems insane to me to hate people because they don’t perceive the creator of all life using the same mental framing as you. That some other avatar of truth thousands of years ago brought THEM closer to the creator than the one that you revere as the “one”. That people kill as a way to have a pissing contest over this and believe this would actually please the Source of all life.

That people treat others with so little care that there are throw away people in the streets because they can not compete with the performance level it takes to fit in. That the life cycle of so many children is to be coerced into serving their country to achieve respectability and after they serve are discarded in the streets without any viable skills to deem them worthy in the society that dismissed them so readily. That white skin is so much more special than any of the beautiful array of hues that are a part of the rainbow of individuality.

That outer beauty is worshiped to such a degree that those who have tasted such adulation will mutilate their faces and starve their bodies just to maintain the illusion of it a little longer. That a majority of over pious practitioners would ignore the plight of foreigners, veterans and the down trodden but be OBSESSED by any little tissue that is collecting in the womb of any woman.

I can do effective work with the mentally ill. They have the vulnerability, openness, receptivity and humanity to reach. I simply meet them in the expansiveness of their truth and tow them back to linear reality using my understanding and capabilities as a towing rig.
I can use someone who knows them as a surrogate at first. A surrogate is kind of the way to find someone in energy using someone who loves them to tap into the coordinates.

They are much easier to ground and to build a solid foundation around. Those that are difficult to help are those who believe they have life all figured out,are pious, have definite judgements and opinions and are in denial about the limitations of their own vantage point. But those who are sensitive to the inconsistencies in this life, have a definite edge. That is probably why they have wiggle room to go over that edge once in awhile.

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