An ex boyfriend told me this story of Cleopatra. He said how, before battle, she would make love to every one of her soldiers. They would then be so devoted to her in passion, that they would fight with every ounce of themselves to protect her.

I thought of the story of how Jesus would feed the masses bread. How is this possible? If you ask the Universe a question, you will receive an answer. I knew that Jesus used mass hypnotism to feed everyone with one loaf of bread. But I still didn’t understand the logistics of this.

I was recently given the answer. What Cleopatra would do is make love to one solder and feed the experience into the psyche of all the soldiers by using that one soldier as a surrogate. It is kind of like, a great singer singing a song to one person on television but we all are privy to the experience through tuning in. But instead of the means being outer technology, it is done through the intangible realms and accesses the innate connection of the collective.

In this way, you can use this technique to uplift all of humanity. The way Cleopatra used one person to feed the experience of making love into all the soldier, you can do this to feed your kind intentions into the collective. You can do it to counter all the negative energy that is pumped into the masses through psychic means using lies, rhetoric and agendas of power.

When you are being kind, thoughtful and loving in any of your interactions, be mindful of sending it out into humanity using those that you interact with as surrogates. You can love all people, animals, and nature using this shift in intention. Your kindness can feed humanity just like Jesus fed the starving with just one loaf of bread.

When you feed yourself or your family, send the experience out into the masses to satiate all those who are starving. When you drink clean water, use the experience to satiate the thirsty. When you love your child, know yourself to be loving all the babies of the world. When you speak truth from the heart know that it is ripping through the layers of apathy and conditioning to feed truth into all ears and become a means to open all hearts.

In this doable way, you will be tapping into your omniscience before it is realized. You will be omnipotent in your own abilities and you will create an omnipresence within the heart of humanity, This is what we are all destined to do. The upgrade in humanity comes as so many of us exercise a synergy in our empowerment in this way. This is how we get to world peace.

When you are at your most grateful moment, use that gratitude to induce the world in a state of gratitude. Gratitude is a conscious means to open the energy systems of the body. Infusing gratitude into the collective is inducing the world itself into the open state of gratitude. This is the condition that world peace exists.

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