After my mother crossed, she pulled on me to join her. Just as she had kept me out of school to keep her company many of my days, she was coaxing me to cross over to ease her loneliness. When I would reluctantly stayed home from school, it was boring and uneventful.

My mother gave me such a gift to show me how subtle and enticing manipulation can be and how to futile it is to give into it. Many times when someone wants to die, it is a form of this manipulation. The person who is lonely will promise all these perks in doing so. It is a lie. They are desperate and not concerned with your welfare.

I think many desires to commit suicide are coaxing from a loved one crossed. This is especially true if they have killed themselves. They many times leave their gloomy cloud over a family in the name of guilt. But it is so much more. If not them, low level forces use their energy to entice loved ones to cross. There is no merit or loyalty in doing that.

So many people need an understanding of the dynamics. They think that the person who crossed is lost forever. When in fact, there is only the thinnest veneer between this life and the next. Young people are sensitive to these connections. It would serve their well being to have a better understanding of the dynamics between the two sides. It would save them a lot of suffering. Especially if they lost someone to self inflicted death.

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