We are conditioned to believe that sex is perverse and dirty. That it is a taboo. This is not the case. The perversion of sex was inflicted by a tribalism that did not want its female members to allow the enemy in, by giving birth to their children. The tribe elders felt neighboring tribes impregnating their women was a way to weaken the tribe.

They knew that woman would be obligated to love their children They would be weakened if their daughters were impregnated by the enemy slipping into their village and having relations with them. If this happened enough, the tribe would be weakened by the children that were born from a foreign village.

The way to combat this was to inflict strong taboos on women for having sex with anyone they were not married to. Since the elders could control who the woman married, they could prevent their enemies from infiltrating the tribe as long as they could instill enough fear in the women to not have premarital sex.

This is the whole basis for anyone caring who women have sexual relations with today. This is the core issue that instills so much shame in regards to sex. This is the core reason that Christian society adopted such strong taboos on premarital sex. It was always motivated by the need to control the purity of the off-spring.

We see these engrams (habitual instilled behavior) in the present day with the strong taboos of religions regarding premarital sex. But it was never about reverence to God. It is, and has always been, about keeping the tribe “pure”.

We see these engrams of primal fear in white christian puritanical groups who are afraid that the white race will become obsolete through the intermixing of races. It may not be conscious and it may seem irrational. because since we all have been incarnated in different races, there is no need to fear being overtaken by the yellow, black or Hispanic race. We simply need a higher overview of our lives than just one lifetime.

People need to realize that they simply will incarnate in one of these different races if they must to continue the level of development that their awareness has entitled them to have. In past eras, it was a different race that was the preferred one. The white race is waning in being the preferred culture. Once people can accept this overview of their own possibilities, they can overcome the fear of any one culture being extinguished. They, we, will all go on.

Once this primal fear of having their culture extinguished is addressed, people can take responsibility for their own sexual preferences, and choices. They can return to the uninhibited guiltless state that lovemaking was intended to express. . Lovemaking is intending to be an expressive state of reverence and gratitude to the Universe and means to honor Gaia energy. One can return to being as joyful and playful as the birds and bees in their sexual interactions.

Another way Christian cultures interfered was eliminating the reverence to Gaia was conditioning people to worship a male personification of Source. Love making was a a natural expression of gratitude to the Universe. Conditioning perverted this by teaching woman to pour love into their sexual partner instead of being offered up to Gaia for all her gifts.

Before this conditioning, woman were the stewards of Goddess energy. They would use the empowerment of their expansive state of sexual climax to pour love back into all of Nature. This energy maintained a balance within the world. When woman were taught to pour all their love into their man, it created a perversion and imbalance in the world.

We are now all watching the perversion of power and male traits that is holding humanity hostage. Men have used the love of woman to run this world to the ground. It is time for women to withdraw enabling and empowering male energy and returning their intention to honoring the earth and all her gifts.

If you want to use your energy to assist humanity in balancing out, every time you climax during making love, instead of pouring that energy into your partner, pour it into the oceans, earth, animals of the world and trees. All that love and gratitude you have been pouring into your lover, pour it into the ground; literally.

Many people doing this is the quickest way to balance out the perversions of the world. In this way, you can go from a helpless witness to the desecration of the earth to reverent Goddess of empowerment. If a couple agrees to do this together, they will feel the blessings of Gaia energy balancing out their whole world.

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